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The idiocy of car pricing December 17, 2014

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So I’ve said before I’d love to find a BMW X3 for the cheap but they seem to be hard to come by so I expanded my horizon a bit.

I’m looking at either a Toyota RAV4 or a Honda CRV. But I noticed something – I searched on Craigslist and an curious thing happened.

An new Toyota RAV4 will run you about $21K. But a 2006 RAV4 has an ask of close to $10K, for a car that’s 8 years old. Insane.

Why do I say it’s insane – a Honda CRV is about $5K to $6K for a 2006. So why the $5K premium for a Toyota?

The Holiday Shopping is done! December 15, 2014

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So for the past 3 to 5 years I’ve been using Amazon to do holiday shopping. I mean I abhor malls – hate going near them especially around the holiday season.

And I must say I exercised much restraint in the purchasing this year, exactly $506 spread among four people. On average $126.50 per person. But just one gift for one person was $366 so $506 minus $366 equals $140 which divided by the remaining three people comes out to $46.67 per person.

The MIL got a new TV to replace the old cathode ray tv that had a bad red electron gun so everything had a green tinge. That was the big ticket purchase.

Then the nephew got Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Michelangelo Elf and Splinter. Plus a new winter coat and we had previously purchased a TMNT turtle backpack for him too.

The twin nieces got a Franklin Webster’s Spelling Corrector.

And the total time to spend all that money – less than 20 minutes. Most of that was spent looking for the things we wanted to get. All from the comfort of my easy chair aka recliner. Life doesn’t get any better.

At last – Christians in Ohio are shown the door at a gay owned bakery December 14, 2014

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This is priceless. Why? Because the so called Christian couple is saying exactly what we say when Christians discriminate against we LGBT people because of their so called ‘sincerely held’ religious beliefs.

I’ve awaited this happening. I’d always said if I owned a business I’d discriminate against anyone who proclaimed their beliefs. Apparently I’m not the only one. That’s good to know.

But the best part of the article:

“What did we ever do to them?” asked Johnson. “We feel like we’re being persecuted. This is discrimination, pure and simple, and I don’t think they should be allowed to refuse service based on their personal beliefs.”

Yeah – Christians are saying exactly what we say. Just change a couple of terms – yet the Christians don’t see the irony of that.

Ruminations on Driving Part VI December 13, 2014

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Today just before lunch time I found myself on I-95 Northbound coming out of the exit 7 area of Coventry, RI and heading toward Bald HIll Road in Warwick, RI.

To get there you have to be in the extreme left lane because the ramp for I-295 North is on the left hand side.

Now the left speed in my opinion is for ludicrous speed – minimum 75MPH and higher. So I’m clipping along at about 80MPH when I see brake lights ahead of me. I slam on mine. We went from 80MPH down to 40MPH in the space of a few seconds.

The reason – some asshole decided to jack up on the brakes of their card and fuck everything up.

A pox upon that person who decided it’d be fun to drop the speed in half. But to add insult to injury then they decided to speed up again.

We got to our destination and did what we had to do. The next episode happened when we were close to home.

To come home I take I-95 North again and then merge onto RI Route 10. RI-10 is a big bypass road that loops around I-95 and from there I take the Olneyville/Westminster St. exit, go east on Westminster St.  to go north on Barton St. and then it’s a right off Barton onto Broadway and I’m almost home.

But the next major intersection up is Tobey St. There’s a traffic light there. I have the green light but some ass in a blue SUV decides to run the light. And of course said asshole just blocks the eastbound side of Broadway because now traffic is flowing. I lay on the horn, he throws the finger. I’m like “Hey asshole – you ran the light, not me. “

Driving isn’t fun anymore.

Audio Post December 10, 2014

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Another Series on Netflix that is promising December 9, 2014

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It’s call Black Mirror. A British show – the first episode is called “The National Anthem”.

A demand is made that the Prime Minister fuck a pig in order to secure the release of a princess. I don’t know if they intended it but I hollered and laughed through much of it as the PM had to ACTUALLY FUCK the pig. It’s at the end the twist is shown.

I might watch another episode – Netflix says it tries to be an Outler Limits/Twilight Zone clone. I don’t recall either of those series being particularly funny.

And I hate to say it – WordPress new dashboard sucks.

People are Stupid Part II December 7, 2014

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So this relates to this post wherein I mused on the general lack of good sense inherent in the population at large.

Today we attended the 3rd Annual Cookie Challenge at Fete in Providence.

And again I noted the throngs of people – all clumped up. Had there been a fire they’d all be dead. They would stand there like dolts and at the moment too late try to get out.

I can see the bodies piled like cord wood. Seriously that’s how stupid people are.

A new series I’m digging: Salem December 3, 2014

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So apparently WGN out of Chicago is in the production game now. One of their properties is called “Salem” and it’s available on Netflix.

A synopsis: It starts in the mid 17th century town of Salem, Massachusetts. The governor of the town is one George Sibley. And Mr. Sibley is an asshole – he brands a big old F on poor Isaac’s forehead which stood for Fornicator.

And then there’s Mary Sibley – the witch and her past and current love Captain John Alden.

Then there’s also a new preacher one Cotton Mather. Who I actually find myself liking – I mean he consorts with whores, and is more a scientific believer than anything.

But it’s Cotton Mather’s father, one Increase Mather – he’s a real witch hunter and a fucking asshole. One of those holier than thou types. Now daddy Mather banishes Cotton’s love Gloriana – a whore. And Cotton isn’t having any of it. I can fully see him murdering old  Increase Mather sooner than later.

The story also makes me realize there is no way I could have lived back then. I don’t suffer fools gladly – nor does the good Captain John Alden.

My recommendations for reforming police December 2, 2014

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This was just posted by a friend on facebook. It’s a link that contains an hour long video of the Congressional Black Caucus saying that the violence by police on unarmed black men is appalling. Of course it’s appalling – same as how I’m appalled.

So with that in mind I have a few things to recommend. But before I do I must commend President Obama for the body camera initiative. All police should be required to have the body camera and to wear them and record all official police business.

I’d be happier if say the video from said body cameras went immediately to a cloud based storage but that’s beside the point.

Part I – Change the police

As above the body cameras will go a long way. But another change. Let’s finally dispel the notion that someone who’s too intelligent would get bored with police work and leave after all that training. Stop with turning away high scores on the Wonderlich test.

Then another thing – annual recertification on civil rights for all police. That would help.

Part II – a federal solution

Form a division within the Department of Justice that is several teams that include coroners, ballistics experts, and investigators.  Anytime there’s a shooting of an unarmed person – a team would be sent to investigate. The team would have the final word whether or not to charge the police officer, above and beyond what and state or local law provides. That way the onus is taken off the local level and onto the federal level.

Reading: Alan Turing: The Enigma November 29, 2014

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So the book was first published in 1983. But it’s an interesting read and I’m only a few pages in at the moment. But the book doesn’t dance around the fact that a) Alan Turing was a brilliant mathematician b) Alan Turing and his Turing Machine  are the father of modern computing and c) Alan Turing was in fact homosexual.

The book is also the inspiration for the current movie “The Imitation Game”. So It’ll be interesting to read the book first then see the movie. See how closely it hews to the book.

But the book covers all of Turing’s life – from birth to death and details his accomplishments prime among them cracking the Nazi encryption codes. And he did it by hand at first but soon realized an automatic means was necessary hence the Turing machine and Colossus.


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