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Avoid Campaigner.com if you’re using a public record email list April 7, 2014

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So I posted earlier how on Sunday I logged into campaigner to find they said they’d received too many complaints and suspended us. So their resolution side reached out asking me about or list – I told them that:

a) Can Spam does not apply to political entities 

b) The relevant section of RI Law that says voter info is public information

c) The fact that when you get the list from the state – you’re paying for the medium and the time necessary to burn the list to disc, not the actual information on the disc. 

But Campaigner is based in Canada. And their internal regs say no purchased lists. And they have a weak understanding of U.S. Federal Law and State Law. 

I did reach out to Constant Contact – I know they’re more expensive but I did ask them the question – what is their view of a disc with public info about voters, including email addresses which the RI Central Voter Registration Database does. I recall I specified that when the discussions were going on. I’m awaiting an answer – it’s going to be about $70 per month more expensive but if they get back to me in writing saying using that list is fine, then they get our business. 

But I’m really disappointed in Campaigner.com

Their treatment of this issue is callous and bovine. Perhaps I should have been deceptive in answering their questions but then that wouldn’t have made it any better. So instead I’ll advise anyone running a political campaign – stay far, far away from Campaigner. Our experience with them was fraught with asinine stupidity – our first email blast was held for, and I kid you not ‘compliance’ issues. They couldn’t tell us what it was but they cleared it after a delay of 24 hours.

And what kicked off this Odyssey of cancellation of our account was the complaints. Before we go locked out I had downloaded the email addresses and names of those who complained. I’ve got to run a query against the database – I’ll bet a lot of them are Republicans. Not only that – they use AOL or Yahoo for email. I mean I would publish the list here so we could shame them but that’s pointless now. But still – this demonstrated that AOL users are think skinned and don’t belong on the net at all.



Bulk Mail Services that are too touchy April 5, 2014

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I’m going to ding campaigner.com here. They were the least expensive for what we needed to do – that is get 20,000+ emails out there.

But first we go to send and we’re told the message is non-compliant. They couldn’t tell us WHAT exactly was non-compliant though I have my suspicions.

Now tonight I go and log in and a big message as follows:


I called and talked to Paul at Campaigner. I told him this is the second stumbling block we’ve had with Campaigner and that I’m really starting to reconsider using them. It’d probably be considerably cheaper to just get a business net connection, I’ll throw Qmail on one of the IBM eServer’s I’ve got and we’d be in the bulk mailing business.

I also explained to Paul that most of the complainants were in fact AOL users who as a general rule are the dregs of the net and also very thin skinned. But more interesting, there were a total of sixty six complaints, the vast majority of which came from AOL and a few from Yahoo. There’s a reason I’ve always hated AOL users and this just bears out my dislike of AOL in general.

Bulk emailing even if it is for a political campaign is a pain in the posterior.

Let’s Play Rate the Democratic Candidates for Governor in Rhode Island April 5, 2014

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We’ll start with the Democrats. Ratings shall be five points from 1 to 5. This is in no special order just as they come to mind:

1) Todd Giroux – I like his platform idea to steer a billion dollars away from Wall Street and back into the economy in Rhode Island. He also has a plan to keep the state prosperous going forward. That is what I like to see. And ObDisclaimer – I am the Data Analyst for his campaign. Rated 4.5

2) Clay Pell – he’s definitely got the money but I think the brain power is slightly lacking in his case. First there’s the debacle with the missing Prius – who leaves a car unlocked in the city of Providence or environs thereof, and more doesn’t have a second set of keys to the car, and third hasn’t the white matter in their head to think to just lock the car and call a locksmith. This doesn’t give me a whole lot of confidence in his ability to use the bully pulpit to better Rhode Island. Rated 2

3) Gina Raimondo – she is a Wall Street demon spawn. With her at the helm as treasurer I’m pretty upset about the way she’s handled benefits for retirees etc. And it would only get worse once she’s in the bully pulpit. Rated 2.5

4) Angel Taveras – currently Mayor of Providence his most deft move was closing city pools last summer. Plus he’s really stuck it to union retirees and he gets on my shit list for having the tenacity to say that the tax breaks given to the big property concerns created jobs. Really? Of course he wouldn’t answer when I asked “What jobs?” I’m sorry there are no negative numbers allowed because this candidate would be in the dumps. 

Candidate for Governor Todd Giroux Mentions Me April 4, 2014

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You gotta listen. I get mentioned for being the I.T. guy helping with data mining. 

Check it out. 



On Political Campaigning April 3, 2014

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You take the high road, I’ll take the low road. A decision was made yesterday that the candidate does not denigrate his opponents in the Democratic primary. But that the campaign team is allowed to do it. 

A gem that emerged – and has already been called racist has to do with Candidate Clay Pell and his bride Michelle Kwan. 

Now Kwan is U.S. born and a citizen. But her ancestry is Hong Kong aka Cantonese. So the joke was made that Clay Pell becomes Peking Pell because we know how the Cantonese love their empires. 

Now we just need to come up with ones for Providence Mayor Angel Tevaras and General Treasurer Gina Raimondo. What shall it be?

My current desktop background March 30, 2014

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I think it’s cute – and the top I am I love those asses. Damnation.


If you’re trying to listen in this way you’re doing it wrong March 30, 2014

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So I ran across this cartoon on the web. It shows President Obama up on a pole, with headphones and a laptop with leads going up to wires above.

Now let me state – I know a thing or two on how to tap a phone. In the olden days you had to basically hook up to the line physically. Now you just tap it via the telephone switch – because those switches – they’re at the basic level computers.

But to the cartoon:

Now if you look closely – you’ll see he’s jacked into the 480V feed on the pole. Not a bloody good thing to do. I guess the cartoonist doesn’t know how to tell what the order of wires on the poles are. It usually goes 480V, 125V, Cable TV and then phone at the lowest level.


So ha!

Tristan Emmanuel is a Grade A Wing Nut March 30, 2014

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You have to watch the video first. That this guy appears to sincerely believe what he’s saying is interesting. But here’s the thing, he KNOWS he is going to take flak for what he’s saying because he turns off commenting on his YouTube videos. I’m doing so here.

First let us go to the act he read – judging by the usage of an  ‘f’ like character  for ‘s’ sounds – it dates to the 16th and 17th centuries when we had a rather troglodyte view of the rights of man. It was written back in the day when a cohesive community was all important, or at least that was the prevailing theory at the time. In fact it was a theory so odious that one Roger Williams, founder of Rhode Island wanted no part in it and so exiled himself about 50 miles to the south. Williams is also part of the impetus of separation of church and state with the motto of Rhode Island being ““To hold forth a lively experiment that a most flourishing civil state may stand and best be maintained with full liberty in religious liberty”.

It is also by the way how I end up with native American ancestry in my blood. One of my ancestors went native. Probably dates to prior to 1850 or so.

Yep – the yoke of religion is too much to bare for many of us.

Of course Emmanuel goes on to talk about Maher going over the air waves. Um, Maher has his own show on HBO. HBO is delivered via a little thing called fiber or coaxial cable. It doesn’t go over the air per se. It goes over the wire or glass. Shows how stupid and ignorant Emmanuel is that he doesn’t know that little fact. But even worse than the prior, he’s more than likely  PAYING to receive HBO into his home.

Yep, Emmanuel is a clueless clod. But the fact he knows that he’s a clod is telling and explains why he turns off comments on his ludicrous YouTube videos. He can’t stand the heat. And if you can’t stand the heat then get the fuck out of the kitchen!

A Meme I haven’t done buit will now Saturday 9 March 29, 2014

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Saturday 9: Too Close

  1. This song is about a friendship that turned romantic … and it doesn’t end happily. Have you ever crossed that line with a friend? If so, how did it work out? –Friends are friends, not sex or romantic partners. It just doesn’t happen in my world.

  2. When he was a kid, this week’s singer, Alex Clare, listened to his dad’s Stevie Wonder records. When you were in 7th/8th grades, what music were you into?– Earth Wind & Fire, Ohio Players, stuff like that.

  3. “Too Close” has been featured on the TV show, The Vampire Diaries. Do you enjoy shows/books/movies about the supernatural?– I think the whole supernatural meme has been done to death.

  4. Some of Alex Clare’s tour dates were sponsored by Bud Light. Do you like beer?–I generally consider most U.S. mass market to be piss water. IPA’s sometimes pass though. And I do have a preference not for beer but ale. My favorites originate in the UK, the first being Newcastle Brown Ale and the other being Smithwick’s Dark Ale. And regards Mr. Clare – if you’re that sold out I really don’t know if I’d want to listen to your music. 

  5. Mr. Clare trained to be a chef, just in case the music thing didn’t work out. Are you a good cook? – I’m a ninja in the kitchen. Seriously, to the point where I can take stock of what is around me and create a dish from it.

  6. Crazy Sam (the mistress of this meme) is forever running out of mayo because she slathers it on her sandwiches. What is currently on your grocery list?– More oatmeal, but other than that we’re all stocked up so no need to hit the market.

  7. Where are you most likely to find spare change — between the sofa cushions, in your jeans as you toss them into the washer, or under the floor mat of your car?–Pocket change gets put in either the jar in the living room, or into one of the payphones with a coin box. Only issue there is because I don’t have a 130VDC power supply (But I do have the parts to build one!) I can’t trip the coin relay – so the coins just clog up th works. I have to open the thing up and tip the coin relay forward and then they drop into the coin box. There’s probably about $50 in there right now.

  8. How did you spend your Friday night — working late, hanging out with friends, or just enjoying a quiet night at home?– Working on Gubernatorial Candidate Todd Giroux’s campaign. But around 5:30PM the booze was brought out and picture if you will, four gay men of varying political orientation.  The conversation was interesting as all hell.

  9. Do you use Pinterest?– I don’t need one more waste of time on the net. Facebook for example serves that purpose.

An interesting time last night March 29, 2014

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So yesterday I did some work on the Giroux for Governor campaign. I sent out close to 400 emails asking for volunteers. Let’s see what I get.

Plus got the candidate to update his web site. Clean it up a little. Also walked him through how to post pix and videos to the blog for the site. Lots of new stuff I’m throwing at them. Also find out I get to interview the campaign manager. King maker indeed.

But around 5PM the wine came out – a few toasts were made and we started talking. A group of four gay men – haven’t been in that type of environment in a long time.

But one thing came out of that I want to explore. I’m viewed by some as get this, an authoritarian. I did email telling that person that I’m no such. I do have the face that I can go stony at any time. And I’m also very assertive. I tell them when it’s something I truly believe or want, I’m direct as hell about it.

And of the group – three of us sort of liberal, one a gay Republican, not only Republican by Mormon. He and I sparred about marriage equality – he has Libertarian leanings – so he was saying how he and his partner don’t want to marry. I start in with theoretical situations – what happens if one gets sick or dies while they’re not married etc. It comes down to the fact that he was squicky about calling his guy his husband. {Sigh}. I told him he had to get over that artificial ickiness factor.

One other thing I did – I had at least two members of the group of us take the Political Compass test. Now the test ranks you where the Y axis runs between authoritarian and Libertarian, while the x axis goes left to right as in political leaning.

What was interesting is that the Republican and the other guy both placed in about the same lower right quadrant. I place in the lower left quadrant – somewhere to the left of Ghandi. But we all rank about the same level on the Y axis. I haven’t had the candidate take the test yet. I suspect he’ll fall into the same quadrant as me.


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