How I know we’re not going to get as much snow as they predict

First and foremost it’s because I bought 100lbs of rock salt. As a result it will sit in the coat closet in the entry way for a few seasons.

Secondly the temperature is far too high for snow to form – in fact it’s mostly coming down as rain right now. And I note the chicken littles on Facebook aren’t cackling about the white death from the sky.

I was saying the other day – this is the perfect winter. Temps on the overall above 50F, very little snowfall but rain instead. I could get used to this. They are saying within a couple decades the weather in southeastern New England will be more like the weather in Florida than New England. Yay global climate change!

A New Group I Like

Now I’ve never been one for most metal music. Only so much noise. But over on Facebook many of my friends have been posting this video:

So I dug through some of their other tracks. Disturbed for a metal band has some really good range. So much so that I ran them through the YouTube to MP3 converter and they now live in my music library.

It’s funny – the help desk/systems guy is a metal lover. He’s introduced me to a few new things after I’d shared that I like Gogol Bordello.

Longest serving Mayor of Providence to lie in repose at Providence City Hall

So as you may or may not have heard, former Mayor of Providence Vincent A. “Buddy” Cianci passed away recently.

Flags in the city and on the state house are being flown at half staff.

More interestingly the former Mayor, longest serving at 20 years will lie in repose in front of the Mayor’s office on February 6th and 7th.

Love him or hate him – he was one of the biggest cheerleaders that Providence ever had. And the recent crop of Mayors, the only thing I can say for them is they love revenue generating things.

Life’s little gifts

One gift I have is being able to sneak up on people and then scaring the shit out of them. I love the registration of surprise and shock when they realize I’ve snuck up on them. It’s one of life’s gifts and pleasures.

Another of those gifts is having a dry, sarcastic wit. I regularly crack up people at work.

Then of course there’s my gift in how I deal with vendors who displease me. In more than a few places I’ve worked I’ve been told that people who heard my conversations with certain shipping companies, that I’m really persuasive and I can be downright rude but in a nice way. In essence I can call you an asshole and you’ll thank me for it. Last demonstration of this is when I told the UPS President’s office that they were inept and idiotic.

When vendors don’t know what they are talking about

So this company, Data Dog HQ has been emailing and calling me at work. Now they hold themselves out as a Cloud Monitoring as a Service. Monitoring for what I asked Рdid they know what SEIM was. It stands for Security Information and Event Management.

But they didn’t know what that was. Most recently a representative from the company emailed me. I shot back to her that since she admitted she didn’t know what SEIM was – I sent back a nasty-gram telling her to cease all contact by email and phone and to go lookup the acronym SEIM. After all a cloud monitoring company should know what that is.


Of Rental Cars

So I’ve blogged in the past how debit cards get treated far differently than credit cards and How I want federal legislation that says merchants cannot discriminate.

Well – after the annual holiday trip I had to rent a car again for trip up to Manchester, NH. And I went with Enterprise as they’re close by and always have vehicles available.

When I rented for the holiday they charged a $200 hold – which they refunded on return.

This time – they didn’t even put the charge on. Just the flat rental fee and insurance.

Maybe it’s because this time the rental agent was a man. I seem to be able to schmooze better with guys than women. Not all that strange when you consider I’m a) pretty smart and b) gay.

It’s just strange.