Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis needs to be publicly ridiculed and shamed

Why? Dan Savage let slip in a clip that the four times married Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis has been married has a rather curious filial story. You see when she was married to husband number one she had a set of twins by future husband number three, who then husband number two adopted.

It’s a story straight out of I’m my own grandpa.

But here is the thing – she’s trying like all get out to martyr herself so she can go on the bigot talk circuity and make some cash. But I think that ship has sailed.

So instead there are two alternatives  to such an obstinate cunt as Davis. First is execution – but alas I’m more for the blade and her head on a spike as warning. That said – another we can employ is ridicule. Her relationships and familial stuff is ripe for a healthy dose of ridicule. Fore example, in her vaunted religion- the Jesus character really doesn’t like divorce. And there are several prohibitions on fucking around in there too. So throw those in her face. It’s already starting as people at the counter are starting to question how many times Davis has been married.

Me – I guess I’m more crude. Had I lived in an area where a religious bigot denied me – I’d have explained that if they think they’re being persecuted I can show them that they’re clearly not being persecuted. I’d offer to nail her to a tree to experience real persecution. Or maybe just strangle the mangy bitch and stuff her in the trunk of a car. Who knows.

Feeling like an idiot

Because the way trackpads have always worked is the outer edge zones do the page scrolling. But after I’d upgraded to Windows 10 the scrolling stopped working, or so I thought.

But then I tried the two finger scroll and son of a bitch, it works. Way to fucking go Microsoft.

So I was the hero at work again.

So I spent the afternoon in the Boston office which was once the Providence Journal’s Boston Bureau’s Office. Sad to see it go.

That said the boss was having trouble printing to the wifi printer. So he asked me to build a box to act as a print server. I contact my office mate and asked him to build an Ubuntu 14.04 laptop. Then I’m standing in my bosses office and I notice he’s hard wired into the network. The hard wired side gets a different IP range – all of them start with the first two octets of 192.168 but the third octet changes depending on if you’re using WiFi or wired in. The 192.168 addresses don’t route. Same with the range. They’e useful for LAN stuff but when you have to transition across there needs to be a bridge somewhere between.

Reading: Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet

So I’m currently reading “Where Wizards Stay Up Late: The Origins of the Internet” by Katie Hafner and Matthew Lyon.

It’s the story of how an ARPA project known as the ARPANet became the Internet we all know and love today. I’m sort of familiar with much of the story as my I.T. career sort of started with the birth of the Internet and moved on from there.

But the one thing that jumps out in this book, it’s Bolt Beranek and Newman or BBN. I’ve been head hunted by them in the past and refused the offer. I was gainfully employed elsewhere at the time.

But the names that surface in this book, many of the same people key to Xerox PARC too. Which begat the graphical OS and all that good stuff.

The history is fascinating. The characters I share some personal traits with – such is the case of my casual dress mode vis a vis a really good salary. Or the fact that you can put me in a room and I’ll code up something worthwhile.

I’m only about a third the way through the book now but one thing stands out. AT&T of the time had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the project. Kind of funny when you consider that now the phone companies and ISP’s are all digital. It has to do with the noise on the line and error detection and correction algorithms developed back in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s.

And I really dig knowing the history of what we take for granted today. Like I said, it’s fun discovering how many common traits I share with  the geniuses who gave us the Internet.

Something hit me the other day

I said that I can feel the inexorable pull of Massachusetts. I’m really considering relocating there, somewhere close to a commuter rail or subway. It’d make the commute MUCH shorter.

Plus the tax structure in MA is so much better than in RI. You see in MA they smartly capped their tax rates. For example – buy a car in Providence, RI that’s worth $30,000 and you’re on the hook for $1,800 the first year plus a 7% sales tax. Ut si!

In MA – say Cambridge – it’s $750. And the sales tax on the car is 6.25%. So you can see here in RI we take it on the chin. Yet we get what I consider sub par services. That I have to email or call my councilor or others is indicative of the problem. We need to move RI to be PROACTIVE not REACTIVE. But I’ll leave long before that happens.

It’s Friday People

So I survived my first week. And I am definitely going in as a take charge type.

For example, today I shot the telecom director an email that since we’re going to be wiring up another floor, it would behoove us to put two quad tap jacks in the room my officemate and I share. I laid out what we’d need for materials and it got approved and bumped up the chain. My officemate is loving that.

So I think I’ll do well in this job. I made it through a week – soon to kick back a beer or two and celebrate.

4th Day on the Job

So today I had to sit through a couple hours of Human Resources dog and pony webinar. it frosted me just a little – they kept talking about iPay, iEmployee etc. But the links flashed away faster than you could copy them.

I shot an email to HR and told them maybe they should send the links in an email with instructions. Haven’t heard anything back.

I’ve also dissected their employee handbook. Had my officemate up in arms when I was calling out the clear violations of the code of conduct that we see regularly.

I can have some real fun at this job I’m sure.