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420 – a day later April 21, 2007

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If you don’t know what 420 is then don’t bother to read. In any case, watch the videos at this link.

I quite liked the Simpsons clip, particularly at the end. Why? Because alcohol is so much more dangerous than pot. So they should decriminalize pot. Period.

Talk about getting ones underwear in a bunch! April 21, 2007

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Apparently a Bentonville, AR man is distraught that his teenage sons found a book on lesbian sex on a library shelf.

It goes beyond ridiculous though. The libraries advisory board voting to remove the book from circulation smacks of censorship. These people ought to be branded with a great big “I” for Ignorant.

Put it this way, when I was a teen anything with sexuality in it was a titillating find. What is more astounding is that the father in this case has less maturity than his sons. He should be branded with a huge “A” for ASSHOLE!

Marijuana laws based on racism April 21, 2007

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This is something I’ve long known about, that our nations laws against pot, marijuana, and it’s derivatives are based on empty reasoning. That empty reasoning is racism.

As I’m writing this there’s illegal drug use going on right next to me, in open view of our neighbors. No, it isn’t across the street or in the street but right on my doorstep.

It appears that enforcement is lagging though. For example I regularly walk through Kennedy Plaza which is the central bus hub for the state of Rhode Island. I don’t think a day ever goes by that I don’t smell a familiar odor. And I know I’m not the only one that smells it since there are always police in the plaza.

You know a law is a failure when those who should obey it don’t, and those who are supposed to enforce it fail to do so. That’s probably because lots of cops are using it too. Not while they’re on duty but it wouldn’t surprise me, but when they’re off they’re probably the biggest pot fiends you could ever want to meet.

NYPD is getting a bit too pushy April 20, 2007

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Every now and then I’ll post a video of NY’s finest doing something they shouldn’t. You know, little things like entrapment, or outright behavior unbecoming.

So now they’ve rammed through an ordinance that says if you have more than 50 people assembled in public you must have a permit. This flies in the face of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights but the NYPD seems to side with George W. Bush when considering those documents. They too appear to feel they’re just god damned pieces of paper.

What the police and their masters tend to forget is sometimes the people fight back. And some of those people know police procedure and systems and so we’ll use it to maximum advantage. And then when the police are outnumbered and outgunned the tables will turn. Mark my words, it’s coming.

And who do we have as our Police Chief in Providence? None other than Dean Esserman. a NYPD Transit Police. But PPD is a force to be reckoned with and even someone of Esserman’s caliber won’t be able to tame them. But then PPD is still old school – their priorities are sex, donuts and then fighting crime.

Anyhow watch the attached video and tell me if you don’t feel your blood pressure rising.

Now I get it April 20, 2007

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Police in RI will pull you over for an expired inspection sticker but they won’t cite you unless the vehicle in question is so unsafe that it’d be dangerous on the road.

That’s because a few years ago the focus of inspections changed from safety to emissions. And the police have no jurisdiction with regard to environmental law. Meanwhile DEM police won’t pull because they consider themselves to be environmental police, not public police.

So the whole point of inspections is now moot.

I write this because I just saw a car get pulled over, the cop talk to the driver, and then within about 30 seconds the whole thing was over. Oh I know the cop punched the plate into the MDT before he even pulled the car over, but this is something good to know.

I even went and looked at the general laws of the state of RI and I’ll be damned – the only way they can give you a five day tag is to determine that the vehicle is unsafe. So you can roll with an expired inspection sticker, and so long as everything is functional (Lights, brakes, etc.) they can’t do a damned thing.

It’s always good to read the law because you then get to see where legislators dropped the ball.

Republicans and Dirty Tricks April 20, 2007

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By now we all know that if a Republican candidate can’t capture votes with their ideas, they’ll instead attempt to disenfranchise voters.

It is no secret that Republicans will try anything to get elected. Just look at Steve Lafffey, he bought the RNC package hook, line and sinker. But Lincoln Chaffee was just too well loved. Even he couldn’t get past Democrat Sheldon Whitehouse.

But even when they try, they’re like the gang that can’t shoot straight as has been evidenced by the recent elections.

We’re on to their tricks. They hadn’t counted on the fierce presence of blogs and the web. But even now I’m starting to see lots of conservative blogs, etc. It’ll take a while for the pendulum to swing completely into the Democrats camp, but when it does it will be there for about twenty years. And with any luck this time they’ll have a solid majority so that the Republicans won’t get any press at all.

One very interesting CGI animation April 19, 2007

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This is very interesting. The doll face tries to mimic things it sees on the screen. It’s very eerie but very well done.

The lost art of proofreading April 19, 2007

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Even I’ve been victim to the lost art. I suppose it’s just the ease of posting on the web but I find certain instances of the wrong number being published to be funny.

This is one of them. Apparently the Long Island Sexual Predator Hotline rollout didn’t go so well. In this case it was just a mis printed NPA (Numbering Plan Area aka Area Code) that caused the hilarity.

Instead of 888-XNN-NNNN they published 800-XNN-NNNN (X being 2 through 9, N being 0 through 9). And as luck would have it, that particular 800 number went to a phone sex chat line.

The office I work for had a similar situation once some time ago. The clueless bitch who ran the public information division at that time had thousands of copies of Go-To-Vote flyers, brochures, posters, etc. printed up with the wrong phone number. That one also went to a phone sex line. Luckily it was caught in time and she had to leave the office permanently not too long after that.

But then I have to wonder if in the case of the Long Island folks if this wasn’t a printer having a little fun with his/her clients.

On a regular basis, sci-fi becomes reality April 18, 2007

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By now if you’ve read my blog for a while you know that the inventor of the MRI was a Star Trek fan. I still see room for improvement of MRI machines, but they are a nice non-invasive high resolution method of scanning the insides of ones body or cranium. The only invasive part is the gadolinium IV but that’s just for contrasting tumors and such.

Well now British scientists have figured out how to protect space faring humans from high speed particles ejected by our sun and the starts around us.

And had I mentioned the proof of Einstein’s theory of space-time? Yep, gravity isn’t what we think it is. The curvature of space-time is what causes us to be attracted to the earth and the earth to the sun, and so on. So if large objects curve space-time, then it’s entirely probable that once we gain a good enough understanding of our physical world it should be possible to warp space-time.

Warp drive. You can test this yourself with a sheet of paper. Imagine an ant walking across the sheet and how long it would take the ant to do so. Now fold the paper in half. The ant just crosses from one edge to the other.

How NOT to install a phone system April 15, 2007

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This video is pretty funny. I guess you’ve had to have strung cable, hooked up key systems, punched down pairs for a PaBX etc. to get the humor.


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