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The Ugandan Mess May 25, 2010

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You can watch here because WP won’t allow me to embed Hulu video. Wake up guys, let us embed from Hulu.

Pastor Martin Ssempa is a religious charlatan. Know why? I can see that little dance in his eyes when he’s thanking his god. He’s making a good living by propagating the evangelical message of hate the homosexual.

He’s also very focused on the scatological. A point, it isn’t just the tiniest minority of gay people who do that, but also the same relative percentage in the heterosexual community. He tends to have a fondness for the anus. It’s almost to the point of comedy. In once scene he finds a clip on the net and shows it to all the religious leaders arrayed with him. Most wince in disgust. Hell I’d be a bit disgusted by the eating of feces too, even though my reaction to the old 2 Girls 1 Cup thing was just mild.

I guess Ssempa has never heard of good old fashioned oral sex.

The pastor also likes to bring up the recruitment of children and teenagers. How can I explain this, I wasn’t recruited as a teen nor was anyone I know. But the evangelical Christians in the U.S. realize that message is sounding rather hollow lately so they’ve decided to take it to Uganda.

I hope the LGBT community in Uganda can push past the religious ignorance. But it is an uphill battle. 90% of Uganda is Christian (evenly split among Catholic and Protestant) with the remaining 10% being Muslim.

But here’s the other thing. The throwing out of statistics always strikes me as a little bit stupid. After all the Bishop here in RI still claims that 65% of RI’ers are Catholic when the reality is now less than 50%. That missing 15% is a bit beyond the margin of simple error.

Hopefully this bill will never see passage in Uganda. I know I’m late to party on this but having just watched the video above that exposes the U.S. Christian evangelical involvement made me realize I had to say something about it.


1. wondermann - June 2, 2010

This should on the larger networks

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