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What’s up with Marriage Equality in Rhode Island May 14, 2010

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It’s mid May and I haven’t gotten any notifications of any hearings for marriage equality bills here in RI. The divorce equality bill was heard and held yet AGAIN last month. But nothing on marriage equality.

I recall a conversation I had with my state senator, Paul Jabour almost two months ago. He told me that the bills for equality were being delayed by their sponsor. I wonder what’s going on.

RI is at the crux of marriage equality. We have an openly gay house speaker, and I’d think a nice big “FUCK YOU” to outgoing Governor Carcieri would be to pass a marriage equality bill with a big veto proof majority. I know that we’re very close to that in the house at the moment.

But whither the bill and hearings???

Another grab bag post May 14, 2010

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Mid spring seems to be the dead time for me. Not a lot of business (Though I did do a 40 minute job today explaining the failings of POP3 to client.) and the weather is getting better but not fast enough for my tastes.

I see that Pope Benny the Rat is at it again with regard to gay marriage. Explain to me how a guy who has NEVER been in a relationship at all has the divine authority to tell me mine is disordered or invalid?

I was talking to my father last night and we got on the topic of the Catholic church. He was telling me the story of the pastor at his church. Seems the priest is a typical egotistical ass and he wanted an elementary school built for the parish, then a middle school.

My father is active with the church and had repeatedly brought up the question of who would pay for the schools.

My father told me he gets letter after letter from the pastor asking for money to sponsor students at the school etc. This is funny to me because over the last few years I’ve seen a number of Catholic elementary schools closing in RI. My old school, Msgr. Bove aka St. Ann’s closed last year. And now Holy Ghost down the street from me is closing.

Tuition for those schools is astronomical. If you’re a parish member it’s close to $5K per year, if not $6,500. I’ll take the higher number because if you’re a church member you’ll be expected to tithe a certain amount and that would probable come out to the same.

So for eight years it’d be $52,000 and that assumes the costs won’t rise over time. My Catholic high school, La Salle Academy is $11,900 a year now. So four years of that and your total 12 year primary and secondary is $99,600. Just for reference my entire 12 years cost roughly $14,000 and my B.Sc $24,000 so $38,000 total.

The church says it is because of health care costs. And I agree, that is a hellish expense. But you’d think maybe the church would be the best mouthpiece for true reform in health care.

Immigration – How my parents generation just doesn’t get it May 7, 2010

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Yesterday I noticed that both my father and aunt joined the facebook group called “1 MILLION In Favor of the Arizona Immigration Law SB1070″
My father posted this little blurb:

you need to growq (sic) up and smarten up.screw these immgartion (sic) people who are not americans and also costing us millions of dollars.anyone who agress (sic) just say so.

Well dad, I am fully grown and smart enough to know what the real issues happen to be, regardless of the mainstream media’s constant pandering for ratings.

One of my cousins posted this:

And lets also remember the sign in front of places hiring saying the Irish and Italians need not apply.

So I did some digging and found this paper about Anti-Italian Discrimination in the early 20th Century. That was the time period when my paternal great grandparents emigrated to the United States. I give them great credit, they managed to thrive and I know my great grandmother naturalized in 1937.

What my father and aunt just don’t understand is that less than a century ago, Italian immigrants faced the same discrimination that current immigrants are facing today. So have a little compassion.

I also had to bring up the fact that many of those brown skinned people are in fact U.S. citizens. Put it this way I have a few Dominican and Venezuelan friends. In the case of the former they were born here, and in the later they naturalized.

Let us also look at agribusiness. They wanted cheap labor and so they hired Mexicans to do the work for a pittance.

But my aunt brought up the following:

Agree above Tony. Legal is the word. , not food stamps , not free medical . Come down here and u will see what I mean. I am sic and tired of standing in line waiting for all the immigrants on food stamps while I have to pay cash. Oviously u don’t get it that these people were not like our grandparents who came over got legal and yes WORKED for a … See Moreliving and one more thing spoke English no one translated everything for them.Why should it be different now. GET LEGAL PAY TAXES like they did in the ealy 1900’s when evryone came here by the way of Ellis Island.Then they can say they want rights.

They try to work. But the deck against them and US citizens is stacked. Why? Notice the U.S. hardly manufactures anything at all these days, it’s all been shipped over to China, India and other 3rd world countries. Countries where environmental and labor law are lacking put dollar signs in the field of view of the leaders of big business. Cheaper labor equals greater profit.

But it isn’t just manufacturing that has been shipped out. A lot of IT work, databases, data entry, programming etc. has flown too. So too accounting, medical interpretation and billing, etc.

So tell me, where are the immigrants supposed to find jobs?

Unfuckingbelievable! National Grid buying wind power May 7, 2010

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You can read it here. I’ll summarize since this is a ProJo blog post so it won’t stay up long.

Apparently National Grid has agreed to buy wind power from Cape Wind and charge the consumer 20.7 cents per kWh with a 3.5% per year increase in cost.

National Grid trots out their ideal customer that uses 500kWh a month and says:

The higher cost of wind power, compared to power from conventional sources, would add $1.59 to the monthly bill of a typical Massachusetts residential customer who uses 500 kilowatt hours of electricity per month.

And I have to ask, why the 3.5% per anum increase? Does wind get more expensive over time?

Not for anything, 20.7 cents per kWh is astronomical too. It’s already been demonstrated that the approximate cost with debt service and maintenance is about 7 cents per kWh. So even if they agreed to 10 cents it’d be profitable because over time as debt gets paid off. So while you’d only profit 3 cents per kWh initially over time you’ll profit roughly 4 or 5 cents because of the reduction in debt.

Does National Grid and Cape Wind think we’re all stupid?

And here’s a little comparison to their idealized 500kWh customer.

Right now when you lump in the distribution and other fees we’re paying 14 cents per kWh so that 500kWh would cost $70. I happen to know the per kWh energy cost, it’s around 9 cents per.

At 20.7 cents per kWh add in the 5 cents for distribution and you get $128.50.

So National Grid is lying as usual. And I have to wonder, why that sticking point in the 20 cent range? Could it be that the COST to National Grid is only say 10 cents per kWh?

So they double it? Which means that the 9 cents we currently pay is really costing them 4.5 cents or at least one would be lead to believe that. I have to get my hands on National Grid’s annual report.

They Should Have Known May 5, 2010

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I was thinking back to my elementary and high school years. The signs were there early on that I struggled with the whole faith thing until the moment of clarity hit when I was about 15 years old and doing the confirmation classes.

That was when I point blank told the priest that I didn’t believe any of it. I was confirmed Catholic regardless.

Part of that had come from studying the Bible in a high school religion class. Yes, 12 years of Catholic schools. During the class I continually brought up the numerous inconsistencies and the fact that St. Paul aka Saul of Tarsus was a misogynistic and homophobic bigot. Also played the part of contrarian a number of times because by this point I knew that not just a chapter or verse was pure bovine effluvia, but the entire book. Everything. It’s all a fairytale.

I could do the whole sit/stand/kneel/make the sign of the cross by rote memorization. Basically an automaton. Even now I still recall the prayers and all the gobbledygook required in a Catholic mass.

Another one, they should have known that something was up when I rarely went to confession. I especially never went to confession when you could do it face to face with the priest. Probably a good thing too, known what we know now I probably would have been abused if I mentioned to the priest that a neighbor boy and I were getting it on.

It got to the point where later in life when I’d be at a wedding or funeral, when the Eucharist would be trotted out I’d step up. My little point of rebellion even back then. Then of course they switched to where the priest would lay the host in your palm. A few times I dropped the fucker on purpose. Caused all sorts of commotion, they altar boy would sweep up the dropped host and I’d get a new one.

Didn’t matter if I’d sinned or not. I knew that it was a cracker and that it didn’t magically turn into the flesh and blood of Jesus H. Christ once it hit my mouth. Actually I knew it turned to a sugar since the amylase in our saliva has that effect on certain carbohydrates.

Once I’d moved out of the parent house I never set foot in a church again other than for weddings or funerals. Then again even when I lived with the parents after 16 I never went to church. They tried dragging me to Christmas eve ceremonies but I did it once and that was enough.

I just don’t have a religious bone in my body. They should have known. All the signs and portents were there clear as day.

My father figured it out though. I recall one conversation during a car trip when he point blank said “You never believed in God anyway.” Yep, right on the nose.

As I like to tell people the mistake was sending me to Catholic schools starting in the period just after the approval of the Vatican II accords. It’s when the church got highly liberalized, priests and nuns doffed their garments and habits for secular clothing, the theology wasn’t as strict.

Another thing, being that the high school I attended was a college preparatory institution they taught logic and critical thinking skills. As I’ve said many a time, a dangerous combination is religion and logic/critical thinking.

A homphobes tries to defend May 5, 2010

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I’ve been relatively mute over this whole Dr. George Rekers incident because I felt it was amply covered on other blogs, E.g. Joe. My. God.’s coverage is excellent if you want background on the whole thing, including pictures.

But I do have a few issues with some of JMG’s coverage. Calling the rentboy barely legal at 20 years old is something of a sticking point with me. Yes he’s young but he’s an adult. He can vote, serve in the military, etc. just can’t legally have a drink of alcoholic beverage yet.

Enough of the dinging of the coverage thus far. If you are in for a short read visit this site. The study was done in 1996.

Actually the entire paper is here.

I can’t find any more recent studies of this nature. I’d love to see this repeated again and see if the results jibe with those of 14 years ago.

Now that I’ve said that I find the defenses that Rekers is throwing up ridiculous. Can’t lift heavy things so you hire a male prostitute? Never heard of valet and car services?

Then it’s evangelical sessions with the young guy. Yeah, and I can guess what kind of evangelizing Rekers was doing. More likely than not one that involved a large uncut cock and an orifice or two.

The homophobes will try to throw up any defense no matter how ridiculous. From Larry Craig’s “Wide Stance”, and Ted Haggard’s crisis of faith, Rekers joins a very ludicrous bunch.

One of the dangers of Aging May 2, 2010

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Is that your music library tends to grow and grow. It stuns me that the mid 1980’s are now almost 30 years past and the 1970’s almost 40 years past. Yikes!

I listen to Pandora, last.fm, etc. and I’m always finding songs I remember from before the 1980’s and so have to download them. The latest just popped into my head while listening to the Police with “Wrapped Around Your Finger”.

The track, America’s “You Can Do Magic” is what popped into my head. That’s a definite 1970’s tune.

I really need to group my iTunes tracks by theme, I’ve already started by decade. I’ve got music in there that goes back to the 1930’s and 1940’s. The music spans r&b, funk, soul, jazz (All sorts, from the old classic stuff to gypsy jazz and contemporary/fusion), psychedelic, progressive rock, classic rock, and wait for it, gospel. Not all mind you but some of it sounds really good, if they could just do it without the Jeebus and God bit it’d be even better. It’s all in there in one shape or another. Also a lot of what I call “Knockin’ Boots” tracks in there too in its own playlist.

The only thing you will not find in my library is country music. Your dog can only die so many times, your truck can only break down, catch fire, be repossessed or be stolen so many times. You can only lose the woman you love so many ways and times. For some reason I just can’t stomach country music.

Catholics losing adherents May 1, 2010

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This article doesn’t bode well for the church. They’re going to lose a lot more people. Between a graying population in the U.S. and a critical eye of youth, they’ve got trouble brewing.

But that last part got me. Read here:

Addition by subtraction
Not every Catholic is troubled by the church’s dwindling membership. According to some conservative priests and thinkers, the sex scandals and conflicts with the Vatican have shaken out the fair-weather believers. The conservatives want a return to the Latin Mass and an end to challenges to the Vatican’s authority. A return to tradition would likely result in “a smaller but much more fervent and evangelizing church,” says the Rev. John McCloskey, a former Wall Street executive who’s an outspoken advocate of the traditionalist movement. The shrinkage would be only temporary, he says, since as liberals left the church, it would be strengthened by the core of tradition-minded Catholics who obey the church’s ban on contraceptives and rear large families. Such families would inevitably produce more sons, some of whom would enter the priesthood. Thanks to a conservative renaissance, says McCloskey, “the church in America may well be on the cusp of a more vibrant era.”

It’s the very last part about Catholics who obey the church’s ban on contraceptive and rear large families. I wonder if McCloskey has read about the fact that the more sons born the higher likelihood of one or more being gay?

But then to read what Heretic Tom has written about gays in seminary and the priesthood, they won’t have any problems at all.


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