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Cox Cable Service Issue July 10, 2011

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

So two months ago I re-subscribed to Cox cable tv services. I’d had the net service for years but just objected to paying all that money for video. Alas, when I got the Wii I needed a little larger screen to put it on. So I found a 40″ 1080p set for $350.

All was well and I’d actually managed a wire antenna that picked up about 20 stations. It’s just that depending on time of day, weather, etc. some stations would come in, others would pixelate, or just go black.

And it lacked the 24/7 cooking channels and HGTV (For Keyron).

So I had them hook it up.

Been having a problem with the Motorola DCX3200-M cable box. It’s more an annoyance that Cox refuses to address than anything so I think a little public shaming is in order here.

It keeps going into Auto Power Down mode. I had called Cox about this and they told me that it was my television and not the cable box. So I checked the TV settings and the auto power down/off settings were disabled.

Well after I told the Cox representative that the TV wasn’t doing it, that the APD notice said “Press any button on your cable remote to cancel.”, and that they couldn’t help me, I told her have a good day and hung up.

But it is still occurring. This time I grabbed a photo:

APD Notice

APD Notice

And while I’m on a rant, could Flickr please fix the photo link issue? I’m getting tired of having to get the HTML/BB code, paste into a text editor and pick out the fucking link. Are you at Flickr TRYING to push me to Picassa?


I found Cox’s Facebook page, Liked it, and posted that they may want to look at my profile since this blog cross posts to Facebook. Let’s see if they answer now.

****UPDATE II****
The Cox folks said they couldn’t see my FB profile. So they referred me to the Cox New England page. I posted my complaint on there. We’ll see what they say.


1. Tom - July 10, 2011

Mine Cox box is a Motorola digital DVR, the only thing I see is if you press the “settings” button on your remote (after pressing the “cable” button), cursor down to “timers” and check to see that they are all in the “off” mode (I’m pretty sure that is the default setting)…

I have never seen that screen before from either my TV or cable box..

Good luck…

truthspew - July 10, 2011

Tried that. It’s all turned off so apparently this is a ‘feature’ of the box.

2. Todd HellsKitchen - July 12, 2011

My suggestion… Get a Cox repairman to make a house call… I have a different carrier in a different state… It’s the repair guys that understand the issues you discuss… The ones at corporate don’t know how to problem solve… They just stall…

3. truthspew - July 12, 2011

Nah, tried that already. The guy they sent out didn’t now shit either.

4. the replicant - July 16, 2011

This might be similar to an issue I had with them a while back. A bunch of channels suddenly went dark on me. Turns out they implemented a bandwidth-saving protocol that turns off channels that nobody’s watching. They basically become on-demand. I had to order a box to attach to my DVR that would tell them when I want to see one of those channels.

5. the replicant - July 16, 2011

Now that I think about it, it’s probably not related. Your box is turning itself off. That’s kind of the opposite problem.

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