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In Preparation for Thanksgiving November 19, 2011

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

So we did our annual Thanksgiving grocery run today.

Two of the dishes I’m making for this year are Butternut Marscarpone Gnocchi from Foodwishes. The other is a Maple Custard dessert.

The latter requires, or at least calls for Grade B Maple Syrup. Tried Wally World, nope, Trader Joe’s, nope. So on a lark I thought, lets hit Whole Foods.

A quart of Grade B Maple Syrup is $17.99 but let me tell you, it’s WELL worth it.

What we all know as Maple Syrup is mostly Grade A. It’s less viscous and more mild than Grade B.

But Grade B – if you’ve ever had maple sugar candy, you know what Grade B tastes like. Good stuff! I cannot wait to make those custards.


1. Frank - November 20, 2011

I’m pretty sure Ocean State Job Lot has grade B syrup. Still too expensive for me. But I buy lots of different food items there. Butternut mascarpone gnocchi? My grandmother is presently turning in her grave. Bur seriously, sounds interesting…

2. Urspo - November 20, 2011

this sounds wonderful; certainly better than the usual Midwest basic bland bits I am used to getting.

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