A potential identity of LTP of TRUTH4TIME

A comment was left on my post about the goings on at Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters.

A commenter identified LTP as Luis T. Puig. From what I gather he is a Cuban American, a former U.S. Navy enlistee, and he is anti-gay.

For example, he wrote a book titled “What Nature Intended: Six Factors Demonstrating Homosexuality being a dysfunction”

Looking at his LinkedIn profile it appears he move from job to job every year or two.

But the book – it’s pretty obvious Puig is a Catholic homophobe.

There is more, Puig was born and raised in Cuba. He lived there from birth to age 14.

Again, this is all tentative. It is apparent that Puig lives in the D.C. area but since D.C.’s CVRS requires DOB and location I can’t pull his voting record.

Probably votes Republican though.

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