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Funny how SciFi reminds you of Republicans May 9, 2012

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

Netflix now has all the seasons of every Star Trek series available on Watch Instantly.

So I’ve been watching Enterprise. I’m up to Season 1, Episode 13 titled ‘Sleeping Dogs’.

At the point where they have the female Klingon captive at around 22:25, it hit me. The Klingons behave just like Republicans, or more accurately the Tea Baggers.

Belligerent, in denial, and just generally all around nasty. Matches both the Klingon race and the Tea Baggers.


1. Cubby - May 9, 2012

Most but not all Klingons are dicks, while ALL Tea Baggers are dicks, down to the very last one.

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