Trying to get an amateur radio testing group together

What a chore. People I knew who were VE’s have lapsed. I find it odd – I checked my status on the ARRL’s web site and can see I’ve been a Volunteer Examiner at three sessions in the past.

This all came up at a DC401 meetup the other night. DC of course stands for Defcon. We’re having a big event in September and one of those is an amateur radio license testing session.

At the meeting we had at least three hams, but I’m the only extra in the group with VE credentials from both the ARRL and W5YI Group. One of the tech licensees has his VE credentials but can’t really administer an exam. I told him to try to get upgraded in advance of the meetup – all he has to do is 70 questions in elements 2 and 3 to get his extra, no code required. I sent him the question pools and link to a testing site end of this month but he won’t be in town. So we’ll try August.

I asked a buddy of mine who I know had his VE creds at one point but I can’t find him in the database and he thinks it lapsed.

So any amateur extra VE’s in RI want to help out?


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