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Power Outage August 8, 2012

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So around 1:30PM the power cut out completely. We’ve had pretty reliable power here, storms come and go and the power stays on.

Well today it was a failure of what looks to me like a fusible link that couples the 480VAC service down to the transformer and 125VAC service.

Didn’t hear it go off as I had headphones on with music playing. But I’m told it made a huge bang. And when I got out to see it, the thing was smoldering away.

Even the Providence Fire Department showed up. They cordoned off a section near the pole not knowing what happened. They also called National Grid. Plus I called and I know a few neighbors called.

So I showered and left the house. Came back two hours later and the power was back on. Looked at the pole and a brand new link was on the pole. But now I know how power flows. It comes in from the south for us.

It’s funny how power failure can kind of give you insights into how it all works.

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1. Urspo - August 9, 2012

indeed !

2. wondermann - August 9, 2012

I agree

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