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Bacon: 1 slice subtracts 9 minutes of life – false! November 26, 2012

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I’m sure you’ve all run across this. So lets do a little math:

Let’s say I have bacon once every two weeks, four slices.

So that’s 26 times a year times 4 = 104 total slices per year.

104 slices times 9 minutes gives us 936 minutes. Or a total of 15.6 hours off my lifespan. Even if I were to eat twice that it’s only 31.2 HOURS!

Let’s take it to the ridiculous though – 4 slices of bacon every day for a year. 365 times 4 = 1,460 slices times 9 minutes is 13,140 minutes or 219 hours, or 9.125 days.

Now consider average lifespan for a human male is 72 or so years. 9 days aren’t going to make any difference.

So in essence it’s all bunk. Just thought you might want to know that and eat as much bacon as you want.


1. Cubby - November 26, 2012

You forgot to consider all the joy bacon adds to your life. That has to add many days.

2. Urspo - November 26, 2012

Is this maple bacon?

truthspew - November 27, 2012

No, just the usual bacon. And I actually prefer apple smoked bacon to be honest.

3. wondermann - November 27, 2012

okay good, because I should dead already

truthspew - November 27, 2012

Yeah, based on their math I should have been dead sometimes in the mid 19th century.

4. Adam Blinderman - November 13, 2014

Or the fact that the claim that bacon takes minutes away from your life at all is totally a joke.

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