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Man threatens to impeach the USSC Chief Justice if he swears the president in for a second term January 7, 2013

Posted by truthspew in Uncategorized.

This is incredible. I don’t think Craige McMillan   realizes the logical trap he’s created for himself.

First of all, I think Justice Roberts will in fact swear the President in for a second term. So if he does I expect McMillan to file charges of impeachment against the Chief Justice. That would be interesting.  It would mean that someone else with the legal power to swear in an elected official (Likely another Supreme Court Justice perhaps) then the impeachment would start against Roberts and if in fact came to fruition, would mean President Obama gets to appoint another justice on the court.  A liberal justice giving us a 5 -4 margin. Yeah, I know.

All because some idiots still maintain the President is not a natural born citizen. It’s the height of idiocy.

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