Month: March 2017

National Organization for Marriage new Bigot Bus gets vandalized – Good!


Well apparently the new bigotry from NOM is against the transgender community. Honestly they lost on the marriage thing, I guess they just need to have someone to hate.

Well their new bigot bus – it got vandalized. Good I’m glad someone did it.


I hate to tell them, bigotry of any form doesn’t fly like it once did.

But scary part is, these look like bullet holes. Oh it’s getting interesting.


Even the front passenger side window of the Bigot Bus got broken. Aww the poor little bigots.


Just goes to show you, there are now consequences for bigotry against the LGBT community. Of course Brian “Pumpkin Face” Brown is going to try and raise money off this. It’s he bigot way.

Things that piss me off

  1. Driving on I-95 and doing a cool 75MPH. Look I see speed limits as merely a suggestion. And with the speed limit idiocy in Rhode Island you can probably understand why. From southern RI the speed limit goes from 65, to 55, to 50, to 45. I can remember when it was 70MPH for the entirety. Plus they’re changing up the exits so a lane of traffic is for the exit, the other is a through lane. So everyone thinks they should slow down.

    But anyhow back to the story – I’m flying down I-95 south and all of a sudden I see the car in front of me jack on the brakes to the point where his tires are leaving a nice skid mark and smoking. Which in turn I had to lock mine up. Because the speed dropped down to 30 for no valid reason whatsoever. Instead it was some flashing lights on the NORTHBOUND side. Look in that section of I-95 the nearest turn around for law enforcement is 7 miles away. Just keep going, the flashing lights on the police cruiser means he’s busy. He won’t even notice you flying down the other side.

  2. Then there’s the grocery store – where people will just stand in the way in a main traffic aisle. I get a little assertive on that one with a loud “EXCUSE ME”. That usually wakes them from their stupor.
  3. Escalator hogs. I’ve mentioned this before. The right side is for standing, the left side is for moving. It’s really that simple.
  4. Conflicting information. Look someone is right, and someone is like a stopped clock which is actually correct twice a day. Let’s not all jump in at once.

Fusion Power – It’s coming

So I’ve been following the ITER project on YouTube. They’re very close to completing construction of the buildings for the reactor. Then they have to build it.

They chose a Tokamak design – Tokamak is a Russian acronym forĀ  toroidal chamber-magnetic. Seriously.

Right now people keep saying when will fusion happen. I hate to tell them but there are a bunch of Tokamak’s and stellarators and even ignition facilities all over the world. And they’ve been fusing stuff together for some time.

The issue is none of the machines so far as reached break even, vis a vis power required to run it is less than the power it puts out.

So they run for periods up to about 10 seconds or so.

The ITER project is a bit overbuilt. But then it had to be.

The Second week at the new job

So this week has been interesting. Figured out how to get fiber channel interface up under Oracle Linux 6.8. But alas the fcoe-utils were version .9 something and would only allow one interface at a time to be active. Not good for failover.

So I downloaded the ISO file for Oracle Linux 7.3 – that has version 1.x for fcoe-utils. And so I have both fiber channel interfaces just chattering away at a full 20 gigabits per second. Awesome!



The First Week at the new job

So today concluded my first week at the new job. One of the things that draws me to the new place of employment is that most of the people I’m working with have been there for 20+ years so there’s definite potential for longevity there.

Secondly my boss – I really like the guy. And I think the feeling is mutual. For example this week I came explained how to have data integrity, built Oracle Linux 7 on a server and then re-built it using HP’s Intelligent Provisioning. Except it’s not that intelligent. I’ll explain.

Every time I’d try to build with Oracle Linux 7 (Which is really RedHat 7.3) it would barf on install and exit out to the Dracut shell.

Tried it a few times and then reasoned, every other HP Blade server they have, it’s running Oracle Linux 6.5 or 6.6 – so I downloaded the 6.6 installer ISO and wonder of wonders it worked. Got a bit literal pat on the back for that one from my boss. It’s funny how just that makes me want to show off my skills even further.