Month: June 2017

How to fix the gerrymandering issue

It’s quite simple really. You see as it exists in many communities the elected representatives choose the members of the re-district board.

But let’s do it in random fashion. Set it so that the following conditions for selection are used:

a) You must be a registered voter.

b) You must have voted in at least the last three general elections

Simple rules – then for selection the following:

9 member redistrict board. Board comprised of four Democratic voters, four Republican voters and one Unaffiliated voter.

If we did it this way there’s no chance of districts favoring either a Democratic or Republican candidate through gerrymandering. And because it’s a random selection good luck buying the members of the re-districting board.

Car Review: Nissan Frontier

So I got a 2017 Nissan Frontier to drive via Zipcar. Nice truck – cloth seats, 4×4, it’s got gusto and I haven’t yet tried to chirp the tires.

Includes tilt wheel, bluetooth and usb connectivity, but perplexingly no rear view camera. Granted it’s a pickup with high visibility.

One thing though – most Japanese vehicles get squirrely up around 80MPH. Not so this pickup truck. Dead stable at 80, 85, 90PMPH. Now it does drink gas visibly but I could almost forgive that due to the stability of the platform.

So overall Nissan gets a solid A minus on this truck. Pretty much does everything right.

Obnoxious guys

So yesterday on the train there were about 8 ot 10 guys – all in their late teens or early twenties. They were pretty fucking obnoxious. Very loud, to the point where the train conductor had to ask them to tone it down.

But then there was also the element of homo-erotic to them. They’d sit with their arms around each other. Very touchy feely with each other.

But it brought to mind, that men should be placed in barrels with a bung driven in until such time as they reach the age of thirty to thirty five. I found myself in agreement with that term yesterday.

The Wonder of E-Books and Amazon Kindle

So this past holiday we got the nephew and nieces Amazon Fire tablets. That and a $50 Amazon gift certificate. Not a bad gift if you ask me.

But when I buy books on Amazon lately they get sent to my Fire Tablet and the 2nd who I don’t know which child has. If they read any of the books I’ve sent they’re in for a real education and a treat.

For example, books like “Seeing Through Christianity: A Critique of Beliefs and Evidence” or “The Invention of Capitalism” of even “Inviting Disaster: Lessons from Edge of Technology” to “The Case Against Sugar”.

So in essence I’m planting the poison pill in the family. Who knew Amazon could be so much fun.