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Seriously, an I.T. guy interested in government and rights. Go figure.

New Music: St. Paul and the Broken Bones

So I’ve downloaded a couple of their tracks – but I really like the whole neo-soul vibe. So I bough their album Half the City on Amazon. Listening to it and loving it right now.

It has that old school sound but knowing it’s of recent vintage makes it truly interesting to me. Sort of like funk, I enjoy good soul music. It’s part of my eclectic mix of music I like. For instance, in addition there’s the above listed, but I love R&B, Jazz, Pop, classic rock, progressive rock and fusions of all the above, also love more specific jazz like Brazilian, Modern and Fusion where it crosses into R&B and Pop.

But then there’s Gorillaz – I just bought their Humanz set. Very good too. And they’re hard to classify, but element of all the above referenced are present.

On Sour Pickles

Ok, so since I was a child I’ve loved sour pickles. The vinegar just gives it that flavor I can’t describe. I can recall a little neighborhood store Cussano’s that had a big jar of sour pickles priced at 5 cents per pickle. My cousin and I would get them and then go watch the Creature Double Feature on Channel 56 with sour pusses on.

So recently we were in BJ’s Club and spotted these pickles that said clearly SOUR PICKLES. Me thinking hey, those are the vinegar cured ones and no dice. Oh they were good but it was dill and garlic. I make those on my own but it sent me in search of real sour pickles. So to Amazon! Found a gallon jar of them for pretty short money. And that jar of sour pickles came in today. And it looks suspiciously like what I remember as a kid. So I popped the lid and tried one – yup just like I remembered. Someone tried one and was a bit taken aback by the sour part. It is an acquired taste and he’ll get used to it. Got a whole gallon of pickles to go through.

Here in Rhode Island we are known to love our vinegar. We even put it on french fries. And who doesn’t love salt and vinegar potato chips?

The Gospel of Truthspew Chapter 1

This is the gospel of Truthspew. In the beginning there was void, except for the other universes (See string theory). The only thing there was a hot, dense soup of particles no atoms yet.

Now it has advanced 13.8 billion years. The Earth formed from gas and dust some 4.6 billion years ago. And now there are 8 Billion of we humans on the planet. And some of us, particularly those of European ancestry are also a little bit Neanderthal. See, the Neanderthal didn’t die out per se, it’s just the some early humans found Neanderthal men and women sexy and well we know how it happened. Same as how I ended up with Native American ancestry in my DNA – people went native.



New Music: Gorillaz Humanz

So I’ve loved Gorillaz for some time, ever since I heard this song:

I mean come on, the video itself is pretty good. Cars with blowers aka superchargers. Great fun. Plus the nitrous oxide button. Having had experience with nitrous systems it’s too awesome.

And then there’s On Melancholy Hill:

Feels Good Inc.

What’s most fascinating about the group is that they have never gotten together to play. It’s an amlagam of a bunch of artists all done over the net.

Well after six years and a whole bunch of good stuff their sophomore album is out. Here’s Charger featuring Grace Jones (Strangay herself!) Yes he’s gay!

Lots of electronica and sampling too in Momentz:

They have a pretty wide range too, here’s Submission:


A good series on Netflix

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – definitely a genre I like, one that I call the fuck shit up and break things kind of series.

It’s only 16 episodes but damnation – they finally dispose of Vandal Savage.

National Organization for Marriage is begging again

It never stops – I guess old Pumpkin Face Brian Brown doesn’t know what to do if NOM has to close it’s doors. I mean they lost the marriage equality fight. Now they’re going after the transgender community. Enough is enough. Don’t give the bigots at NOM any more money.

I’m sort of surprised that hate still sells. Here’s the letter verbatim:

Anthony: Many people have responded with support for our critically-important Spring Matching Fund Drive, but with just one week to go, we really need your help. Every contribution we receive between now and midnight on May 1st will be matched, dollar for dollar. Unless we hit our goal of raising $100,000 during this time, we’re going to have to make drastic budget cuts. Can you help with an immediate financial contribution?

It’s followed by a bunch of links for donation $15, $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000. I wish they still sent out those little self addressed stamped envelopes, it was always fun taping it a load of bricks and sending it back to them.

And the target seems pretty low to me, only $100,000 by May the 1st. I wonder – is that what Pumpkin Face goes through in a month or every two months? Doesn’t he know, bigotry doesn’t fly anymore. And note in this ┬ámissive they never say they’re against the LGBT community, but they are.

And it makes me wonder, what ever became of Maggie “The Loathsome” Gallagher?