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Seriously, an I.T. guy interested in government and rights. Go figure.

And so it begins

So I’ve now invested a modest amount in a crypto currency. It’s a newish one originating only a few years ago. Highly secure – as it’s all the big banks getting into the game.

If it performs anything like BitCoin did I’m in for a lot of money as I bought low and intend to sell medium to high. In essence I’m getting into currency trading.

The intention is to be ‘retired’ within a few years or by the time I hit age 55. It’s entirely within the realm of probable and possible. It’ll be a nice retirement, no more bosses, no more bullshit.

And once I receive the lump sum I’m expecting I’ll put more than a modest amount into the currency trading.

As to the security – the site I use to purchase this currency uses two factor authentications, and the payment processor – photo of me holding the card used exposing the first four and last four digits of the card. Wow.

What I like most about currency trading is that it’s unlike stocks where you have to become a day trader. Instead it’s a low and slow monitoring. And I have price text alerts coming to my phone. But I’m taking the semi-long view on this one. I realize once you’re into 7 digits in coin, the interest alone is enough to live on in perpetuity.

Stolen from: Mystery Blogger Award

So nobody nominated me so I figure I’d nominate myself.
mystery-blogger-awardHousekeeping rules:

Rule #1 – Put the award/logo image on your blog. Done

Rule #2 – List the rules. Roger that!

Rule #3 – Thank whoever nominated you and provide a link to their blog.Thank you, Sassybear.

Rule #4 – Also mention the creator of the award and provide a link. The Mystery Blogger award was created by Okoto Enigma.

Rule #5 – Tell your readers three things about yourself. (1.) Born and raised in Providence, RI. (2.) I live to bring a car engine to red line and go as fast as I can (3.) Loves cats.

Rule #6 – Nominate other bloggers

  • Spo
  • Polt

As part of the requirements of winning this award, I must tell my readers three things about myself:

  1. I am a complete and total nerd/geek for anything that uses electrons.
  2. Only place I’ve been is Niagra Falls in Canada.
  3. If things go well I plan to be retired in five years – before I’m 60. Good.

I must also answer five questions, plus one weird or funny question, posed by RJ:

  • Is a hot dog a sandwich? Negative on that one. In fact, if you’ve ever seen how a hot dog is made you’d understand. It’s a bit like how sausage is made or how the political process works- both those two I love.
  • Does pineapple belong on a pizza? Not that I’ve ever had. And they do put some weird stuff on pizzas – I mean come on my favorite pizza is called Brimp – has broccoli and shrimp on it.
  • Do you think by putting a slice of avocado on something it’s California Style? No but waiting until they’re just ripe and making guacamole or slicing not ripe and then sauteeing in butter and seasoned with salt and pepper. That is better than California style.
  • Do you consider Taco Bell edible? Not really – it’s mostly what I now term slop. And I refer to it as the Mexican Phone Company. Or Montezumas revenge.
  • What is your favorite beverage? Alcoholic – A good wine; Non-Alcoholic – Water

Weird/funny question:

  • What is the weirdest place you’ve had… chocolate?  In a submarine. Not as a Navy person it was a tour. And come to think of it, there’s never a weird place to have chocolate.

A side benefit of roasting in a wok

So I’ve done a 2oz. batch and it was freaking awesome. So this evening I did 6oz. I figure each full quart of coffee in the French Press takes 2oz. of coffee – so 3 coffee servings.

But it’s putting down a beautiful coating on the wok. Nice and black, slippery and gorgeous.

Who knew!


Success: Roasted coffee

So received my 3lbs of dried coffee beans today. And I’ve roasted them. Every video I watched says if you can do popcorn without burning it, you can do coffee beans.

Here’s what the dried beans look like:

So I used my wok – I had just oiled it and cleaned it. Used the inductive appliance to get accurate control over temperature. So cranked it up to 500F and measured out 2 ounces of beans. Whisked it for about 15 minutes. The result is in the pic below – sort of a darker roast when all is done which is what I wanted. Not burned, just roasted. I will say I’ll spend the $200 or so and get a coffee roaster that does 4oz at a time. Additionally found it’s great for seasoning the wok.
Here are the ground beans in the French Press.



Upon looking at the pic – I see it’s more between medium and dark. So I’ve cooled them and put them in an airtight container and tomorrow morning I’ll grind them and make some coffee.

And update – I ground the beans up this morning. Here’s what they look like ground up and in the French Press.


The end result, the absolute most wickedly good awesome mug of coffee we’ve had. In fact I noticed something, it didn’t leave any sludge at the bottom of the mug. I’ll be doing this from now on.

Gaming: From keyboard to game controller

It’s likely known, I love old school games and some current generation stuff. For example Bioschock 1 and 2 are installed on my PC and Fallout IV too. But then I run both VNES and Project64 they respectively run the Nintendo catalog from the NES and N64 games. But I didn’t want to wear my keyboard out constantly mashing the keys.

So I ordered an inexpensive NES controller with a USB plug on it. Easy to set up – but I find my play is impacted. Why? Because arrow keys and A,S,D,F,E,R are all that is necessary. The controller has the four way pad, which is the arrow keys, and then A, B, X, Y, Left Trigger, Right Trigger and select and start. Here’s how the keyboard maps:

Direction        Keyboard    Controller
Up:                   Up Arrow    Dpad Up
Down:             Down Arrow Dpad Down
Left: Left Arrow Dpad Left
Right: Right Arrow Dpad Right
A Button D A Button
B Button F B Button
Y Button E Y Button
X Button R X Button
Select A Select Button
Start S Start Button

Thing is, I know the keyboard map. The A, S, D, F, E, R, and arrow keys make sense to me on computer keyboard. But alas on the controller it takes some practice again. It’s a skill that I lost. But then when I had my NES console I used the joystick controller. That might explain it.

What bothers me most about the current U.S. President

Yeah, I can’t even say his name. It’s that the entire news cycle is dominated by the latest scandals and antics of the Orange Goblin.

Of course when he was elected I knew this would be the case. The guy is a walking conflict of interest. And the one thing I know about the news cycle being dominated by his ass is that it spells the end of his presidency. It’s only a matter of when and not if that he’s going to either suffer a major health catastrophe or he’s going to either be impeached or resign on his own accord because he can’t handle the presidency.

He’s essentially a petulant child. He’s someone who should have had a bat taken to his head at a young age. In essence a spoiled brat. And he’s the President?!?

A new dimension in coffee

So I watched this video on YouTube:

And I’m gonna do it old school. Got 3lbs of dry green coffee beans  being shipped to me. Cost per pound is about $6.00 so that’s not too bad.

I’m going to do the pan roasting method  – I’ll use my inductive cooking appliance to do it as I can get tight control of temperature. Plus I have the infrared thermometer so I can closely monitor pan temperature. And then I’m familiar with stirring and keeping things moving in a pan so it shouldn’t be too difficult. I want to see what the difference is between the beans in a can that are already roasted, and freshly roasted beans.

It’s funny even someone remarked my culinary skills have gotten better over time. And I’m always looking at something new, be it technique, or ingredient. For example the latest is Umami paste. I’d got anchovies in it. Someone doesn’t like anchovies, me I’m good with it. But in the paste form it’s sublime. It finds it’s way into many things too.