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Let the holiday traffic begin

So we had to jet down to Trader Joe’s again today. This entails going down I-95 southbound. Traffic in all lanes slowed to a stop just after Exit 14. Now when we’d left Providence I noted a RI State Trooper flying down the left lane, lights flashing and siren blaring.

When we finally get near the airport Exit 13 we see where he was going, two car accident, both cars in the ditch.

Then a bit further down the road  right near  exit 12B another except this time three cars involved, Warwick PD, fire engine and rescue are there.

So with the gawk factor you were sunk between Exits 14 and 12. It went from dead stop to 20MPH.

That’s when it hit me, I’ll be happy when the preponderance of autonomous vehicles are on the road. Why? Because the car won’t gawk at accidents and we can actually raise speed limits on highways as computers are much faster than we are at being able to sense traffic and conditions and take action.

Plus by it’s very nature it means fewer cops.


Oh my – the boss is no more

So we got a cryptic meeting with the CEO and HR person this morning.The meeting was set for  1PM-2PM. Then postponed to 1:15PM.

We all (Dev and I.T.) file into the room. So it’s there they tell us the boss is departing the company as of beginning of June. My help desk guy and I had all we could do to keep from smiling at that news.

Later in the day I met with the boss – told him all the things I couldn’t say when he was my direct supervisor. He thanked me for much of what I told him. Even asked if I’d be a reference and I said sure.

I did tell him we knew the gig was up when he sent a LinkedIn request to the help desk guy. Was complemented by the other systems guy on our powers of good hunches and intuition were formidable.

Now the thing is I have this creeping feeling I’m responsible. I sand bagged the boss a couple of times.

Reading: A Twofer

So I bought two more books to keep the commute bearable. I did finish the Velvet Rage and the Electronics for Inventors books. But I needed something more in the physics community so I got two books, one on Paul Dirac and the other on Erwin Schrodinger. It’s only logical as I did read on about James Clerk Maxwell and a couple of books about and one by Richard Feynman.

The first of the new books is titled “The Strangest Man: The Hidden Life of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the Atom” by Graham Farmelo. The book now rips into Dirac’s father. It’s fun to read.

The other book is titled “Erwin Schrodinger And the Quantum Revolution” by John Gribbin.

I mean there were three high school classes that had a dramatic impact on me, Physics, Electronics, and Computers. And I’ve read all sorts of books about the history of computers, electronics, and even now Physics because a lot of physics went into shaping the electronics world.

Reading: Practical Electronics for Inventor, 4th Edition

The book is by Paul Scherz and  Simon Monk. Covers some deep theory of electronics which I love.

But quick, who are Kirchoff, Norton, Ohm and Thevenin. – They were the once who advanced the knowledge of power, current, voltage and resistance in a circuit. They died in order in 1887, 1983, 1854 and 1926. So of the group only two lived into the 20th century. The remainder were 19th century men.

So I wonder what greats in the field of electronics we’ll see in the 21st century. I’d nominate Dave Jones of the EEVBlog. He’s exposed me to plenty of electronic theory.

Plus there’s the Signal Path Blog, then there’s Kevin Darrah, etc. All helping to expand my theoretical side of electronics.

Reading: Velvet Rage

Ok, I’m only about 15% into the book and I find myself almost completely disagreeing with the author and his premise.

He essentially says:

a) We gay people are wounded.

b) We’re good at fashion and design

c) That it’s self hatred that drives the rage.

Well I’ve been marking the kindle version up with notes, such as:

On page 22: Except some of us aren’t wounded

On page 24 where the author states “What makes the wound of shame so destructive? To experience such shame, particularly during our childhood and and adolescent years, prevents us from developing a strong sense of self”

My comment was “Want to wager on that? Try growing up Italian-American . Plenty of sense of self there and if you don’t think so, I’ll knock your fucking block off.”

I’ve never been that much a pansy   – in one part of the book when he says we’re good at fashion and design I noted “I’m an information technology specialist with a concentration of information security – I wouldn’t know fashion or culture if it bit me, but I do know politics very well. ”


SkyBell v2 setup part II

Well – after I got the damned thing to join my Wifi network by using my Kindle Fire HD6 tablet I quit the app and then fired it up on my phone. Logged in and boom, snap it works.

The thing is pretty slick. The night view via infrared is way cool. Plus it has full two way audio. So I’m just waiting to say, when someone rings the doorbell – STEP AWAY FROM THE DOOR!

Life so far in the 21st century is pretty cool. Doorbells with video and audio capability for only $119, electric cars finally breaking through the $30K mark. And wonder of wonder we might be complete off fossil fuels within the next decade. To paraphrase the old Timbuk3 song, the future’s so bright you almost have to wear shades.