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A funny meeting today

So we had a dog and pony show of a business intelligence product this afternoon.

Anyhow what was funny about it was that at one point in the meeting the finance guy intimated that they needed a good merger of data and there was no need to go any further. Now the Dev team spent a considerable amount of time on this.

Well – my boss who leads the Development team – I saw three emotions cross his face. First was incredulity, second was anger and then the third was calm. I’ve learned a new respect for the boss – I would have leapt across the table and throttled the finance guy. I also mark this as the day where my boss suffered that final injury that said he’d start job hunting.

And the other fun part – watching the contractor being pumped to finish a project. When the boss and I both know said contractors days are numbered. That was fun if only because I’ve had it wrung out of me near the very end of a contract. But I went out gracefully. So much so the contracting company paid out the full month to me instead of just two weeks. That was nice.

Sort of makes me happy I’m a perm employee. So long as I can take the idiocy that passes for business these days. And the elevator keeps going up. It’s amazing. I’m respected by people inside the current company and it’s parent company.

Doings on a Sundy afternoon/evening

So we went to a wedding today. It was what I consider a one off wedding. I was the plus one on this one. It was a former college classmate of Keyron’s, it was her son getting married.

Did the standard cash donation of a couple hundred bucks. In cash of course.

Interesting little fete. But here’s what I really want to talk about. It was held at the Whispering Pines Conference Center in West Greenwich, RI. It’s on the W. Alton Jones campus of the University of Rhode Island. Getting there was a job even with GPS – lots of narrow and twisty little roads.  And the woods they were a lovely, dark and deep. But then the cell service failed – and with it GPS maps. So the immediate worry was “How the hell do we get out of here?”

Anyhow the shindig went well. The best man blew the champagne toast, but we drank anyhow. The food was good – I had the steak – it was ribeye and done the way I like. We got to see the first dance, mother-son, father-daughter dances. Couldn’t stay for the cake because I had to be home early.

Now I had said the thing about “How the hell do we get out of here?” Fortunately had little signs posted that said in effect “This way to to Route 102”. That would be Rhode Island Route 102.  Which junctions with I-95 north and south. So we made it back to civilization.

But I will say this – when we get married it’s not going to be out in the middle of nowhere.

Mass Shootings in the U.S.: 10 more people die at the hands of a madman with a gun

When will it end? I’ve recommended before three relatively light touch things we could do to curb gun sales and usage.

But now in 2015 we’ve made no progress.

We need to break the U.S. off of the gun culture. I say this as a gun owner myself. I’ve never fired on a person – only used the guns for target and trap shooting.

But I would like to see the following become federal law:

  1. Require several million dollar insurance  liability policies on the part of gun owners.
  2. Require a six weekend course on gun and weapon safety.
  3. Require all homes with guns have a gun lock/safe/etc.

And while we’re at it – we need a national psychological database that gets checked along with BCI and NCIC checks.  But then I know that would violate the spirit of HIPAA law among many other things. But what is more worthwhile, the violation of the spirit of a law or more dead people because guns are so easy to obtain?  And besides, wouldn’t it do society some good to know they live near a mentally unbalanced person?

PC Gaming: Bioshock – how to defeat the first Big Daddy

So I had been told and many web based tutorials suggested you use gas cylinders and hacked automated machine guns to kill Big Daddies. Me, I roll a different way.

I simply used telekinesis first to hum shit at Big Daddy to lure him. Then I used fire and blasted at him several time. When I he got close in, all burning, I hammered at him with the wrench. Killed the fucker. Yeah I’m good at that. My favorite of the plasmid tools is the fire – I’ve roasted quite a number of critters in the game with that. Nitro Splicers – they don’t do too well with fire. And of course another trick with telekinesis is to catch Nitro Splicer bombs and hurl them back at said Nitro Splicer. Love it!

The game is awesome – it helps you out quite a bit. Points you in the general direction of your goals. And it works so much better with an Xbox 360 controller – they make one that a wireless dongle plugs into your computer (In my case a laptop) and connects to the controller. It’s pretty awesome – in effect my PC turns into an Xbox 360 with that controller and the Steam Application.

This is really fun.

Why Syria and Irag are such an ugly mess

Part of the problem is the tribal nature of the region among Sunni, Shia, Wahabi etc.

And Iraq and Syria are what I’d call modern partitions. You see after World War I the Ottoman empire collapsed. I know this from reading T.E. Lawrence’s “The Seven Pillars of Wisdom”. The Ottoman Turks were pussies compared to the British lead expeditions. Seems the British learned a thing or two from their time in America.

Anyhow prior to the end of WW I Iraq and Syria did not exist. They were part of the Turkish or Ottoman empire.

It was the British who carved it all up and gave us the modern day nations. It takes a brutal dictator to keep a country together. And we’ve managed to take out one in Iraq and severely weaken one in Syria.

So that’s why it’s such a mess.

PC AGaming: Bioshock

So my office mate turned me onto an app you can install on Windows and Macs. It’s called Steam made by a company called Valve. I’ve heard of Valve before.

So anyhow he recommended a game called Bioshock. It’s a cool game – And I’m getting pretty far in it now. About to face my first real Boss aka Big Daddy.  They’re very hard to kill.

But I even got the t-shirt.


Welcome to Rapture

Evolution in Bottle



Thursday Night Event: Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson at Providence Performing Arts Center

So Wednesday I noted a post on Facebook that said Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson would be at the Providence Performing Arts Center on Thursday the 24th of September, 2015.

So I purchased two tickets for Keyron and myself. Kind of expensive at $90 each ticket but well worth it.

We had dinner at a local Teriyaki place. I had the Pork Katsu – very yummy. Keyron had a chicken dish. It had to be fast as we’d arrived at the restaurant at 6:30PM and I wanted to get to PPAC by 7PM. We arrived at 7:10 and getting in was VERY easy. Kudos to the ushers at PPAC.

Dr. Tyson had a full house and he entertained us for 2.5 hours.

He talks about how Earth and the Universe are trying to kill us all. Pretty amusing. He spoke of the demotion of Pluto from Planet to Icy Sphere. It was a good meandering trip through astrophysics.

He talked about the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation – and how two Nobel prizes were awarded but he didn’t say who discovered it. I know who discovered it, it was Arno Penzias and Robert Woodrow Wilson of Bell Labs. They had been searching out noise in a system and discovered the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation.

Even talked about telescopes. That’s something that fascinates me.

Then came the Q&A and I’ll be honest the questions were just shy of idiotic.

But all in all we had a good time. Tyson is entertaining when he’s stuffing knowledge into your noggin.