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A Linux Funny at work

So my help desk aka Junior Systems guy was trying to use systemctl on an Ubuntu 14.04 box. Thing is – 14.04 doesn’t default to systemctl/systemd.

You have to do it the old school way – look at /etc/init.d and /etc/rc3.d

To decode that last – rc is the run level. In fact rc3 is multi-user with networking.

Too funny. Now Ubuntu 16.04 is systemd so you have to use systemctl to do everything. Bit of a learning curve for an old school Unix/Linux guy like me.

Currently Reading: Two books

So at the moment I’m reading two books. With 2+ hours of commute time each day I must have something to keep me occupied.

So the first book is titled “Data and Goliath: ” by Bruce Schneier, he’s a security expert and cryptographer. I had to get it after they discussed it on AT&T ThreatTraq.

The book is a good read on privacy and how it’s being violated by the very technology we love. Just in the first couple chapters I’ve highlighted a whole bunch of stuff.

For example – I turn OFF location services on my phones. Fuck the NSA if they want to track me. Really. But the NSA deserves more derision for monitoring call meta data, emails, etc.

The other book is titled “The Master Switch: The Rise and Fall of Information Empires” by Tim Wu. Touched on all sorts of communication disruptions. For example I was fascinated to learn that when the Bell System was in in it’s infancy the lead investor attempted to sell all the patents to Western Union for the paltry sum of $100,000. The CEO of Western Union scoffed at the idea. But WU turned around a year or so later – adopted the Edison microphone and had close to 60,000 phones out there. Bell of course filed suit against WU – talk about a David vs. Goliath moment – tiny Bell System versus WU. But they won and history saved the WU attempt to make it so phone service would just be used to enhance telegram service.

It’s interesting – the more books I read in this genre, the Amazon recommendations get more pointed. It’s fascinating stuff to read.


An exciting Sunday

So we had a nice breakfast – some nice Apple smoked bacon form Trader Joe’s, my special scrambled eggs, and some grill toasted french bread.

Then a realization was made, we don’t have any toilet paper or paper towels. That’s a crisis.

Booked a car for a couple hours and got to the car and realized I’d locked us out of the house. Hence the excitement.

But I’m the confident one – even at work they remark that I’m the most confident person leading I.T. they’ve ever had. And it carries into regular life. I’m pretty damned sure of myself. I’d have made a really good con artist but too much integrity for that. But Someone was getting nervous and I tried to re-assure him that we’d be in the house. If you’re reading this you can be certain we got into the house.

One of his worries is what if someone called the police. I had my ID on me that shows the same address. And knowing what I know the local  gendaremerie would have likely had assisted.

But you see I learned a few things way back when I worked at the Rhode Island Department of Attorney General vis a vis how to break into a home among MANY MANY other things.

And of course my lock pick kit was on the other side of the locked door. I suppose I should start carrying a rake and a torsion wrench with me at all times, and maybe a shallow pick. Never know when I might have to practice the art. But I digress.

What I learned was you can do all you want to secure a space, but there are always vulnerabilities. In my case the south facing dining room window – it was unlocked. And the screen window latches – all you had to do was push in the carrier rod and lift the screen, then the window. Had to swing the gate over, then boost myself up on that, through the window, after handing out the plants that reside in said window. Walked to the door grabbed my keys and then opened said door.

I did mention had that not worked, we’d have had to break some glass. Alas it didn’t come to that though.


So much for seeing the Perseids tonight

So it’s been thunder storms since I got home this evening. Now what causes it is cool – it’s cold and warm fronts that cause it.

But there was suppose to be a really cool Perseid shower tonight that won’t be visible with all the damned cloud cover.

Did I like the Democratic Convention

Nope I didn’t. I’ll explain why.

The revelations of DNC dirty tricks really frosted me. I mean really badly. How dare they.

Because I found it highly suspect that Bernie Sanders could draw crowds of 10,000, 20,000 and yet the convention found their way to nominate Hillary Clinton? Jesus it’s like the best election money could buy.

Microsoft pushes cortana in new update

Well – Cortana uses bing. And I just blocked bing at the firewall level. Fuck Microsoft – I want to see another anti-trust suit against them for this.

And I’m so tempted to block Akamai too – but they serve a lot of video content now damn it.