Got the Pulse Oximeter

Interesting little device. My SpO2% is 99 which is good. Pulse rate is a little on the high side but I measured it when I’d just gotten in the door from having walked about a mile.

Pulse rate is a tad high. But if I meditate on it I can bring it down below 70BPM. Interesting how that works.

And the operation of the device – it just shines a light through your finger and has a detector on the other side. That and a little bit of calculation via software derives your SpO2.

The device is really small – about the size of a hospital finger probe. And the OLED screen is gorgeous.

It’s sort of fun to be able to gauge your own body parameters.

Day Three on the New Job

So today was interesting. They’re getting me more and more exposure. Or I should say I’m getting me more and more exposure to VP’s etc.

Also recommended putting in Squid proxy. We tested it out on a spare linux box in our office and it ran flawlessly. Now running a proxy gives you two things. First it gives you control over traffic leaving the local network. So when you have over 200 Windows 7 machines going out to get updates it doesn’t swamp your connection. Second, it gives you a track of who went where.

Funny story I related – told them about a certain chief of staff who loved his big, black beautiful women and hookup sites. And then who was shopping for shoes, playing games etc. That got a reaction out of them.

Also learned how to tell if someone is a hardcore Unix/Linux and BASH shell person. Had to teach their former guru who is taking a lesser role how Ctrl-R is a way to search BASH history.

Also showed the office mate how to use ps as in ps -ef|grep apache and have it show all the spawned Apache web server PIDs or Process ID’s.

Also found an anti-virus solution for the Macintoshes in the office. It’s called ClamXAv. Now I’ve  used an older version of Clam AV on my Linux box at home. Freshclam was a bit of a bear but it seems they’ve improved the product.

So yeah – I think they’re glad I’m there.

First day on the new job

And what machine do I get? A Macbook Pro. Not too bad a machine. Just have to re-acquaint myself with OS-X.

Just got myself setup on most of the apps today. I can definitely handle the job.

There was some confusion as to what location I was to report to this morning. The offer letter said Boston, but they wanted me in Quincy. That was easily rectified.

i figure I could spend a few years doing this one. The commute isn’t horrendous which is nice.

Policing: It’s time to disarm all police in the United States

Ok, I’ve seen quite enough. Hundreds of people, both black and white have lost their lives because of what in the 1960’s and even today is known as trigger happy policing.

It all comes from two things. First it’s the use of the Wonderlich test to filter intelligent people out of police forces. The second is their training. They aren’t trained to de-escalate a situation, they’re taught to shoot first and ask questions later.

I say this as someone who has/had family members who were police officers and firefighters or were at one time or another.  The good ones, the intelligent ones leave the departments after a few years. Because they see what is wrong. I worked with and got to know several ex police during my time at the Attorney General’s office.

So maybe it’s time we all start lobbying to disarm all police in the United States. Make them use the most dangerous weapon available to man – the human mind instead. Teach them conflict de-escalation techniques.

And there’s another thing – I’m disturbed by police claiming they feared for their lives. Look, when you become police you have to put that bovine effluent aside. You have to know you life may be forfeit at some point. Accept that and stop with the bogus claims.

This only works if you live in the burbs

Click to embiggen. 

Around these parts we use huge barrels with covers so no visible garbage. And Since there is a lot of higher density housing in the city  a lot of it is private hauling so we don’t have to sort recyclables. And all you’d find is a lot of peelings from vegetables like beets, carrots, potatoes, etc. Or refuse from kale, broccoli and the like.

You’ll find quite a bit of Trader Joe’s packaging in our trash. That’s par for the course of modern life even If we do have to haul over 10 miles to get to the nearest Trader Joe’s. It’s funny – in the city proper we only get Stop & Shop, Aldi, Whole Foods and Price Rite. No big box stores other than Walmart. But go 10 miles south there’s Trader Joe’s, Target, Best Buy, etc. Heavy retail is all oriented toward the suburbs of the state.

I’ve noticed something else – we city folks don’t do shorts in the summer or at least without frequency. But go into the burbs and everyone is in shorts and sandals or flip flops. It’s like the suburban uniform.

Here in the city if you want to know more about the neighbors sure you can rifle through their trash but that’s tacky. You can tap their phone and network connections but that too walks the line. And for the more criminal among us just break on in, you can learn loads about people that way.

Well – that ends this post. Gotta head back to Newport. Been spending a lot of time down there.