Yet another new radio

This makes three that I own.

The inventory as follows:

  1. A Yaesu VX-7Rb does 70cm, 1.25m and 2m translation from 400-480MHz, 222-225MHz and finally on the 2m side it’s 144-148MHz.
  2. A Baofeng B580T does 70cm and 2m
  3. And all new a TYT MD-380 70cm DMR radio

I’ll be very honest here I like the MD-380 – it’s a very solid radio. The entirety of it cost me $100 but for an HT that does digital that’s pretty impressive. It comes with battery, metal belt clip, two antennas one stubby the other a whip, and charger stand and plug adapter as well as programming cable and software. It also comes with a fairly comprehensive manual even if it is in Chinglish. As an example of the latter it’s on the very first page where it states:

To Customers

Thank you very much for using TYT our two-way radios. This product has a newly developed function menu and humanism operation design, making it easy to use.

The humanism operation design bit really gives it away. And Chinglish if you’re wondering is original Chinese translates into English where certain things just stick out, like the above.

Once it’s charged up I’ll install their software, see how crappy it is and then go with Chirp instead.


The Latest Souse Vide Adventure

I made Creme Broule this evening using the Joule sous vide stick. One hour at 181F – the texture is a custard and I modified the recipe just slightly by adding a bit of good bourbon vanilla extract.

Pictures of course to follow. Then  I put some turbinado sugar on top and used the torch to turn it to caramel. My mouth still recalls the silkiness of this and I had to try it still warm. It cooked in a 181F bath for a bit over an hour.

I cannot say it any plainer, my culinary life has changed immensely since getting this Joule. For between $150 and $200 it really is a life changer.

Best ever Linux/Unix tools

So as you might have guessed I’m a Unix/Linux guy. As such you love certain tools built into both. My favorite editor is vi/vim, and text manipulation with grep, awk and sed is just short of awesome. For example I’m writing a script that checks to see if EMC’s avtar.bin is running and then to grab it’s process ID or PID and then do the nice -n 19 on it. It’ll require a marker of sorts that records date etc.

But it incorporates using the awk utility. With that you can pick out elements of text separated by white space among many other things it can do. Try that in Windows.

Now grep is a searching tool too, if you’re looking for said avtar.bin you just do a ps -ef|grep avtar.bin and you can get all the processes that are avtar.bin.

Now sed is short for stream editor. With it you can essentially change text in a file on the fly using pattern matching. That’s the other powerful thing about Unix and Linux. You can do some really amazingly complex stuff in it just using the tools I’ve mentioned.

Some investment possibilities

So I want to start doing a bit of investment. Hell I figure if you can’t beat the blood sucking pigs you might as well join them. I want to focus on a few things.

Green energy projects including solar, wind, geothermal and tidal of course. In fact solar panels are heading toward the 30% efficiency mark. And it includes energy storage a la lithium etc.

The other thing I’d love to do – invest in asteroid mining. There are a few asteroids out there with values in the trillions of dollars. I’d like to get in on the ground floor of that. How else are we going to mine our space fleet?

Wherein WordPress Screws the Pooch

So I notice I’m unable to post comments on wordpress sites. Part of it was 2 factor auth which I had to disable because Google Authenticator is being stupid.

But I note even when I do that, add WordPress to be able to use scripts, and disable adblock for the site it’s horrendous and I still cannot comment on other WP blogs.

I know that they just pushed an update to WP and I bet it broke a whole lot of functionality. Even the editor looks like, well, crap.

An interesting one driving home tonight

So I’m on I-95 northbound. I notice the right lane is moving really slowly so I signal and change into the next lane. It’s then I get ahead a bit and find out WHY it was moving so slowly. State Trooper in an SUV. I  blew past him doing 80. He didn’t even move out to chase.

Now the perplexing part is, I was driving a fire engine red Honda Civic. I do note this is a 2017 Civic with only 1300 miles on it. And typical of Honda, all sorts of bells and whistles including a feature called Stop Hold. Let me tell you I like that feature. You tap the button and when the car comes to a complete stop you can take your foot off the brake pedal and the car will stay stopped and the brake lights still on. It’s pretty awesome. Then to go just touch the gas pedal. But the one feature the car didn’t have is tilt/telescope steering wheel – that’s one of my favorite features of a car. I note the Mazda 3 and VW Golf’s I’ve driven had that. The Honda – not so much.

But when I drive I tend to keep right unless of course I get behind a line of traffic moving at what I term idiotic speed. And I do use my signals and make disparaging remarks about people who don’t use their signals for lane changes. But idiotic speed is that which is at or below the speed limit. As I’ve said before I shall say again, I find speed limits to be ridiculous and merely a suggestion. I’m usually bombing down the highway at speeds of 70 to 100 MPH. But here’s the really funny part, I’ve blown by a shit ton of cops. And none of them has ever moved to chase me. It’s weird. I see people pulled over all the time and have to wonder what offense they committed.

Maybe one day my number will be up. Who knows.

National Organization for Marriage new Bigot Bus gets vandalized – Good!


Well apparently the new bigotry from NOM is against the transgender community. Honestly they lost on the marriage thing, I guess they just need to have someone to hate.

Well their new bigot bus – it got vandalized. Good I’m glad someone did it.


I hate to tell them, bigotry of any form doesn’t fly like it once did.

But scary part is, these look like bullet holes. Oh it’s getting interesting.


Even the front passenger side window of the Bigot Bus got broken. Aww the poor little bigots.


Just goes to show you, there are now consequences for bigotry against the LGBT community. Of course Brian “Pumpkin Face” Brown is going to try and raise money off this. It’s he bigot way.