Hellish MBTA Commute this Evening

So I normally leave the office around 4PM to catch the 4:35PM train back home. Today an email went out at 3:30PM saying some idiot, and I call him an idiot because anybody who chooses to off themselves on a public transit right of way – they should be rotting in hell for causing the commuters to have to jump through a couple of extra hoops to get home this evening. So I left at 3:35PM.

What it meant was that all Red Line trains between North Quincy (My stop to get to/from work) and JFK were being shut down and buses would replace service between North Quincy and JFK.

Now let me give credit where it is due – the MBTA did a bang up job getting a shit ton of buses over to North Quincy and getting people on them. It was amazing. I cannot picture say RIPTA doing something like this.

The bus went from North Quincy station to JFK station. That train back into Boston was mobbed. But I made it to the commuter train  with 8 minutes to spare.

But I had to leave early to do it. So may the guy rot in hell, even though I don’t believe in hell. I mean how selfish can you be, to off yourself. And besides, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one. Yeah, from Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan.

PC Gaming

So my office mate turned me onto a product called Steam – runs on Windows, Mac, and I think Linux.

You can download games – prices are moderate. I’m downloading Bioshock right now for $19.99. I can see I’m gonna have to use the external drive to store game files. I texted the officemate “A pox upon you!”

I think I’ll enjoy the game.

UPS: I won

So this morning I’d finally had enough with UPS. When I left the house at 5:30AM I found an Info Notice on the door. So when I got to work I fired up my personal email and shot off a missive to the President, CEO and Director. Didn’t swear once in the email. In fact I addressed them as Gentleman and even signed off with Regards.

Yep – the conversation with the President’s office at UPS didn’t go so well. It ended with me insulting them. What can I say, I go for the jugular. And I don’t suffer fools gladly. The funny part is I spoke in a calm voice throughout, didn’t raise my voice. Just ended it with the bon mot of “UPS is inept and idiotic.”

But at noon time I got a call from the northeast regional director. He and I were able to hash it out. I got UPS to agree to just leave packages and that I absolved them of liability. I did that because I know the people shipping the product pretty much insure things of value against the probability of UPS losing or damaging things. At the end he told me he’d call back in an hour. Two hours go by and I get a call from the local UPS depot – to tell me my package WILL be delivered. Apparently the director must have ripped someone a new asshole. My kind of guy.

So my 1lb. jar of sour cream powder was ‘delivered’ today. I wrap the single quotes around it because the package was hummed onto the porch. Nice touch there UPS driver. I’m still deciding if I should report that too.

But it feels good – I was victorious. My address is now on UPS radar that they have to DELIVER the package.

All it took was emailing the President, CEO and Northeast Director and leaving my phone number.

UPS: They just don’t get it

So I emailed the President, CEO and Regional Director at UPS about my story.

Just received a phone call from the CEO’s office – telling me I could use UPS My Choice – so I walked through it on the phone with them and it bombed out.

My parting words were that UPS is the most inept and idiotic company out there. My office mate found that quite, well that I’m vicious. Yes I go for the jugular.

They just don’t get it. She could have made the change for my address right on her computer. But no, push it to the consumer.

Here’s my response – I’ll just use another carrier when I have the choice. Because the horse shit with UPS is really bothering me. I’m now to the point where if I call a vendor or visit it’s web site and it uses UPS I just won’t buy from them. More to the point I’ll tell them WHY I won’t buy from them.

It’s time we admit – UPS is really Shit Wrapped in Chiffon.

Annual Rant: Where UPS once again proves they are Shit Wrapped in Chiffon

So I ordered some powdered sour cream and powdered buttermilk. I use a lot of dairy and the powdered form is shelf stable so I ordered them on Amazon.

One shipped United States Postal Service, the powdered buttermilk in fact. It arrived today. The other shipped via UPS.

Here’s what was waiting on my door when I got home at 6PM:

New UPS InfoNotice

So they’ll leave it at a store several blocks away when there is a functional retail store right around the corner from me. But they aren’t a UPS drop stop. It’s funny I’d heard tell of these new info-notices and when I bought the powdered sour cream I didn’t think to see how they’d ship. Had I done so I would not have ordered it from the vendor. Because this is a consistent issue with UPS.

So I have to go out of MY way to get my package? Really? I find it awfully funny that UPS will deliver a 37lb refrigerator right to my office but when it comes to delivering a little 1lb package to my house it’s all hyper vigilance about leaving a package on my porch, but they’ll deliver things right to my desk at work.

It pretty much tells you who UPS would rather serve. It’s awfully funny for a company that got it’s start as a retail package runner in Chicago that they cannot understand that in the time it takes to write their annoying little info-notices they could have just delivered the package and saved themselves my ire. It’s been a while since I had to go down to UPS in Warwick and rip them a new asshole. I’m feeling the urge to do so again soon. I mean the last time I had to go down there I think I had to utter the words “Go Fuck Yourself” at least once. I need to have a tirade again where I can utter several variant of the word ‘fuck’ while I’m at a UPS facility.

A thought about veganism

So it hit me the other day.  If you’re vegan for the respect of life then I would assume that include plant and microbiotic life.

Take bread – or at least bread anyone would want to eat. A lot of breads use yeast which  boys and girls is a microbiotic.

And then plants. Plants are alive too. Just on a time scale we have a hard time seeing. And recent research has identified the pathways plants use to communicate stress. So when you eat that broccoli, just think of the distress caused when it was cut from the root.

And need I mention monocultures like bananas. Or how much genetic engineering we’ve done on corn. For example here’s what corn looked like before man tampered with it, it’s called Teosinte.

And here’s the evolution of corn we eat today:

Yep – we tampered with it a lot.

So if you can’t eat any animal product, and I would posit you cannot eat microbiotics like yeast and or even pickled products. And now we know beyond a shadow of doubt that plants are in fact alive and can communicate then it means you have nothing left to eat and your veganism is idiotic.

So just eat air. You’re welcome. Or eat whatever the hell you want and stop buying so smarmy and self righteous about being a vegan.

Why I believe Thinking Phones Sucks

At work we use Thinking Phones for DID extensions and pbx like functions. We pay between $16 and $18 per month for each line of unlimited service.

That’s all well and good.

But the problem with Thinking Phones is that they are in no way proactive or even that good with customers especially when it comes to toll free services. For example on the 31st of August we put in an order for 15 toll free numbers. It’s been seven business days since then and we still don’t have them. I finally got a Customer Manager on the line today and he told me for one or two they can provision right away, for bigger blocks they have to go out to third party vendors like Verizon and at&t. Ok – so we told them we were in dire need of at least one toll free number in the 844 range. Several of us reached out to them and as of COB today no luck.

I’m going to propose we do it a little differently – go on the web and lookup toll free service providers. Then purchase one and point it at a hunt or pickup group of fifteen localized DID extensions. Then set the outbound CLID on those phones to be the toll free number for all calls outside our PBX. It can be done.