Promoted: I’m now I.T. Manager

The boss admitted it today. I started as Senior Systems Administrator – now I.T. Manager.

It works for me. Next stop is CIO – I’m serious. There’s an ulterior motive here.   I just want to be able to give the office mate who now reports to me – I want him to have the chance to move from help desk to systems. He’s proven capable doing it. Why the hell not.

And CIO outranks Vice President – so I could also let the office mate, who was reviewed as unreliable by said Veep to review the Veep and justifiably say the Veep is unreliable.

It only brings home the old saying, be careful the toes you step upon today for they may be connected to the ass you have to kiss tomorrow.

And the CIO thing – it’s entirely possible. You see I have the CEO, CFO, HR and Office manager in my corner. That’s something I learned long ago – get on the good side of those folks and they’ll deliver in spades. Office politics is so much fun.

Took the plunge

By plunge I’m talking about Sous Vide cooking. It’s a a way to keep water at a certain constant temperature.

I’ve been a subscriber to Chef Steps on YouTube for a long time now. I’ve tried their crispy waffle recipe and their Crispy Creme donut recipe. Both were big hits around here.

So they’ve been talking about their Joule Sous Vide cooker. It’s a stick that is controlled by a phone app.

This means that in addition the the $199 I spent on the sous vide cooker I’m going to have to spend another $169 to get a new phone with enough on board memory to install the app and another $60 for a vacuum sealer and $25 for some bags.

So the total to do sous vide will be $453. Add to that the $339 I paid for the KitchenAid Pro 600 mixer and we’re up to $792 just for necessary gear. And almost forgot the $10 for the Diastatic Malt Powder necessary for both the waffles and donuts and we’re at a grand total of $802.

So cooking in a new way is expensive. Well – not that much over time.

Saw it: Star Wars The Force Awakens

Went to the 11:35PM showing at Showcase Cinemas in Warwick/E.G. RI. Actually it is at the intersection of Division Rd. East Greenwich and Quaker Lane, Warwick.

Anyhow the movie was directed by one J.J. Abrams. Known for the latest Star Trek movie as well as a few other goodies it was obvious he was directing this one.

Spoiler alert – stop reading here if you don’t want to know.


The way to travel the East Coast

So coming back from Gum Neck – Golumbia, NC Google Maps had me go a slightly different route. Normally it’s NC-94 to NC-32 to NC-37 to NC-17 and then onward to U.S. 17 then I-64 then I-95.

But a shorter route has you go then NC-94 to NC-32 to NC-17 and U.S. 17 all the way up to I-64 and then go U.S. 13 to U.S. 113 then to U.S. 1 and finally the NJ Turnpike. Shaves a considerable amount of time off the trip.

In the former it takes 11 hours 6 minutes and 707 miles. The latter 10 hours 48 minutes, or 18 minutes less and only 644 miles.

But hey – 18 minutes isn’t bad. And traffic isn’t horrendous through Virginia. That’s a biggie because I-95 through Virginia sucks – it makes me prefer the traffic snarls on I-93 around Boston.


A Very Wet Holiday

So today the brother and sister in law tried to get out. Stuck in mud had to call Triple A.

Then I roll out no problem but have to get turned around – except I roll my front wheels in a front wheel drive car into mud too. Luckily we could push my vehicle out.

This part of North Carolina – if these wet winters continue will be underwater and swamp with a decade or so. Give me hard pavement and concrete thank you very much.

The Holiday Trip Part um 2

Ok, here it is Part II/2/00000010 (Roman, Decimal, Binary)

The Chrysler 200 performs admirably but I have to say it, it’s got lots of widgets that over a short period are going to need replacement. So a big old no on Chrysler/Dodge products. Plus the big old security hole in those vehicles.

So we’ve dined our way through – one Seafood restaurant in Manteo, NC where in the process of getting there we got stopped by the police aka 5-0 aka pigs. He clocked us at 76MPH in 55MPH zone.Oops. The brother-in-law thinks he picked up the cop where the speed transitioned from 55MPH to 35MPH and then back to 55MPH. Yeah, speed trap.

The restaurant whose name I’ll post when I check the bank web site – the food was pretty good. I had the crab cakes dinner with mashed potatoes and brown gravy and pickled beets. Excellent.

But this evening we took the 70+ mile trek into Elizabeth City and had dinner there.

The other part – the nephew loves his uncle Tony. Even introduced him to Gogol Bordello. He’s only 7 years old but really digs that group, and is especially fond of this:

Yup – Ukrainian punk.

And the mother-in-law is going to live with the brother-in-law and his wife in Houston, TX – or just outside Houston.