Rove the Enforcer tells Repubs not to find on NSA wiretaps

This is beyond despicable. Someone tell me, does a staff puke have the same protection that a President does? Because if not, I wish someone would meet up with Rove in a dark alley.

The Bush Administration KNOWS it did wrong in ordering the NSA wire taps. Now it’s trying to stack the deck. Of course the carrot being offered is that Bush will give money and do photo ops for the ’06 election campaigns.

Were I a Republican I’d find Bush a liability and not an asset.


Author of The Atheist Manifesto Answers his Critics

Sam Harris, author of “The Atheist Manifesto” has written a piece on TruthDig refuting critics who posit that morality has it’s foundation in religion. It doesn’t.

As someone who took a short path to atheism I can appreciate people who put it out there for the world to see. Unfortunately I haven’t managed to completely shuck the whole religious thing as yet, it’ll be many years before automatic responses are caught and corrected. But my belief in an unseen, unproven boogeyman is over.

That being said I find Kissing Hanks Ass and the Flying Spaghetti Monster to be as valid as the mainstream monotheistic churches.

NOTE – An exploration of fellow Minister James Huger’s site is prerequisite for reading this blog.