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From the mouths of Bigots: Pastor Robert Jeffress March 1, 2014

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So it appears Robert Jeffress in response to the judicial ruling in Texas over equal protection under the law said, and I quote:

As an American, I also realize that no nation can survive that condones what God has condemned. And God has condemned homosexuality, just like he does adultery or per-marital sex, as being wrong and, as a nation, we cannot be blessed by God if we’re rejecting God.


Let me break this one down a bit, because Jeffress obviously hasn’t a clue to how tings actually work. And the U.S. has survived just fine with divorce, single parent homes, men shaving their beards, wearing fabrics of two different cloths, people eating shellfish, pork, and all sort of delicious foods. Yet we’re still kicking. And of course the mind of people like Jeffress is childlike in a way. If he really wanted to know the real danger facing us – it’s the plutocracy that runs the U.S. right now.

You have to read the original article. It’s pretty funny by itself. i just had to point out that while Jeffress did in fact touch on the adultery, and (sic) per-marital sex. Yes, that’s IN THE QUOTE above. But I just HAD to mention the fabric, food and shaving. Because that’s in their oh so important Bible too.


So I was right: The Anti-Gay laws in Russia were spawned by U.S. Evangelicals February 21, 2014

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If there’s one sect or strain of Christianity I dislike most it’s Evangelicalism. It’s because Evangelicals try very hard to merge government and religion to the detriment of us all, most specifically the LGBT community. 

So it came as no surprise that i read this. It’s about the World Congress of Families which is most active in none other than Russia. But we can see direct offshoots of this in Uganda and Nigeria too. It’s all Evangelical horse shit being spread around the globe and here at home. 

But the article links U.S. Evangelical organizations like Focus on the Family, the National Organisation for Marriage, the Russian Orthodox church and whole bunch more. They even mention Brian Brown – the head of NOM who has traveled to Russia and given his dog and pony show. 

The article goes on to explain how in Russia they’re saying that marriage and birth rates are WAY down. Of course the bigots won’t step back and take a look at why that’s the case. Perhaps because of economic instability and the fact that Russia is essentially Plutocracy run wild. Has nothing to do with the LGBT community – instead this is just raw animus on display Evangelicals and the Russian Orthodox Church. For example did you know that the Patriarch of the Othodox church gets to vet all legislation that DUMA creates? Yup. 

That’s why the bigots love Russia – church and state are intertwined. I’m so happy the U.S. Constitution despite the efforts of the Evangelical groups here in the U.S. tying their damnedest, that the Constitution here prevents them from getting their bigoted ways. Not that the bigots haven’t tried what with Prop 8, and the various legislative and constitutional bans. And most recently we have religious idiots sponsoring and passing legislation to allow people with a so called “deeply held religious belief” to discriminate against the LGBT community. Case in point is Arizona – the House and Senate have both passed the bill to allow the bigots to claim foul at the sight of any of the LGBT community. I don’t know if Governor Brewer will sign the legislation but if she does I can assure you that the lawsuits will follow and the state of Arizona will look very foolish. 

Regards Arizona we could actually do something to demonstrate our ire. Just don’t buy any product or services that are made or produced in Arizona. We all need to do this, straight or gay. Let’s show our displeasure and starve Arizona of both business and state tax revenue. 

Bigots in Utah just can’t catch a break December 24, 2013

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Now the tenth circuit appellate court has denied a stay on appeal. I wonder when we’re going to hear the next temper tantrum from Brian Brown?

Of course the State aka the Bigots want this considered by the U.S. Supreme Court. Justice Sonya Sotomayor handles these things for the tenth district and has the option to decide the stay herself, or to refer it to en bank.

Now knowing about Justice Sotomayor – I strongly suspect she will decided the stay herself and probably deny the stay. She’s from New York, the actual city. And I’ve seen her speeches etc. and she doesn’t strike me as a conservative justice at all.

So the bigots – I  predict that not only will they be denied a stay at the highest court – but that they will lose at the appellate level. And if the Supreme Court decides to hear the case – they likely will lose there too.

I have no tolerance for the bigots November 16, 2013

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None whatsoever. Be in Jennifer Robach Morse who I called a “fucking bitch” to her face. Or Maggie Gallagher whom I called a “Snivelign Cunt”. I cannot tolerate the bigots.

Even on a local level – I love getting Chris Young red faced. It’s too much fun.

I look at it this way, you gotta call em’ as you see em’.

Neil deGrasse Tyson on Corruption October 7, 2013

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This is fantastic.

Now the talk show host makes a good point, just put em’ all on a spacecraft with no food, water etc.

But why expend the energy to fire them into a black hole. Granted the spaghettification would be spectacular.

You know at one time I just wanted to get them all in one place, say a stadium in butt fuck America. And then drop a 10 megaton nuke on it. Make them go from solid to gaseous in micro or nano seconds. But then it occurred to me, why not do what the Golgafrinchams did. First spread the rumor that a giant earworm is coming to eat the Earth. Then build stellar spacecraft and pack them all on it saying that they are the future of the human race on another planet. Program the ship to crash directly into the sun.

Note the themes in that paragraph – into the sun, certain doom, etc. They come directly from the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Come to think of it, we could do pay-per-view of the event and wipe out the national debt in the process.

New ‘film’ Criminalizing Christianity August 20, 2013

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You have to watch this first. It’s eight minutes of the most retarded reasoning you’ve ever heard. And it has the notables like Rand Paul, Gordon Klingenschmidt, Janet Porter, Harry Jackson, Brian Camenker et al.

First of all let me say if their big deal is abortion why do they harp on homosexuality so much?

Let’s tackle the abortion thing and their heartbeat law they want to pass. If you put cardiac cells in a nutrient solution and bring them to a certain temperature guess what happens. The cells start beating.

Now onto the Biblical claims. First Abortion – the only referent I can find in a Bible is the Sin of Onan. Nicely parodied in this clip:

Yeah – and as to  Judaism, Christianity and even Islam here’s something to chew on:

It’s asserted in the Bible that after Cain slew Abel, Cain was marked and had to leave the Garden of Eden and go east to the land of Nod. There he found a wife. But the thing is, if his wife was there so were OTHER people.

And think about it, one breeding pair among dozens or possibly hundreds. Which means that we’re all descended from those OTHER people in Nod. And the entire concept of original sin doesn’t apply. It also means that the Judeo-Christian religious traditions are built on statistically flawed grounds or if you prefer the more common vernacular, they pulled it straight out of their own asses.

If you want to read for yourself I’ll quote a bit out of Genesis Chapter 4 here:

4:16 And Cain went out from the presence of the LORD, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden.

4:17 And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.

So who was Cain’s wife – note that they never bother to give her a name!

The racist hate regarding the Zimmerman case is stunning July 15, 2013

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I love that more sites are using Disqus. I won’t use it here simply because WordPress’s commenting system works for me.

You have all sorts of people trying to paint Trayvon Martin as the aggressor. But I think I’ve explained enough that he was the one accosted by Zimmerman and his response was appropriate.

So I’ve been commenting on a Washington Times article – one of the things I really, really enjoy is calling out the homophobic and racist bigots. If you’re so brave go read the article and the comments. I post as Truthspew there so mine will be obvious.

You have the welfare queen arguments, even though welfare has been decimated since Ronald Reagan held office. Then you have the ‘fact’ that Black people reproduce faster than White people which is half truth, actually it’s the Latino population that is growing exponentially.

And then of course the Obama hate is showing in almost every comment. And they use derogatory spelling for the name, de riguer.

One guy called me a Kumquat so I told him I was offended by being called a Rutaceae, which is the family name for the fruit bearing trees. I bet he’s going to go off that I used a Latin name.

Like I said – and I used the old proverb more likely from Native American about walking a mile in a man’s shoes. I also seem to recall this being taught in my Catholic religious education over twelve years. And it’s a pretty good principle to live by, it shows empathy which a lot of people who post comments on the Washington Times article I linked seem not to have.

Bryan Fischer wants to fight July 11, 2013

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Forgive the beg and offer of the Military Bible Stick. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

Anyhow – his contention that he wants to fight regard the so called threat to religious liberty?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news for Bryan but his arguments and those of other bigots of his cloth, don’t hold up under questioning in a court of law.

And even legislators are now learning that denying gay rights is a political non-starter.

So fuck you Bryan Fischer. And I would fuck you with a rusty spike.

And of course Fischer wants to revive the tired meme that Hitler’s 3rd Reich was mostly homosexuals.

The bigots lose again June 30, 2013

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Apparently the Alliance Defending Freedom (That last word used to be Force) lost in their bid to have the hold maintained on Prop 8.

I could have told them that’s the case. They did not understand that even though the bigots were denied Section III Standing it is STILL a disposition of the case, effectively deferring back to the CA Supreme Court’s findings and judgement that Prop 8 was IN FACT unconstitutional.

The bigots draw from a fairly shallow pool there.

A rewind on NOM’s Gathering Storm June 26, 2013

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Maybe it’s just me had posted this. I’m stealing it in order to add a little snark.

The storm done blown over by now children. You can come out from under the shroud of bigotry you’ve been carrying for so long.

But I already see we’ve heard from both Brian Brown and Maggie Gallagher that this is a dark day for the bigots.

Must suck to be them. From someone in the camp of the love that doth not speak it’s name I can say it’s about time their religious animus gets put down like the rabid dog that it is.




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