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Movies: Deadpool

So the movie I alluded to in a prior post – it was Deadpool. We just had to see it. I had seen a clip on YouTube of Ryan Reynolds talking about how the concept came out 11 years ago and how a pre-production trailer had leaked out thereby causing Fox to commit for the full movie.

In short – it’s sort of a love story and one in which shit blows up pretty frequently. Plus Deadpool is a funny character. And the movie had it’s cheesy spots – the animated birds and things toward the end was too funny.


Saw it: Star Wars The Force Awakens

Went to the 11:35PM showing at Showcase Cinemas in Warwick/E.G. RI. Actually it is at the intersection of Division Rd. East Greenwich and Quaker Lane, Warwick.

Anyhow the movie was directed by one J.J. Abrams. Known for the latest Star Trek movie as well as a few other goodies it was obvious he was directing this one.

Spoiler alert – stop reading here if you don’t want to know.


Movies: Chappie

Ok, so I know I’m behind the curve and the movie may not appeal to everyone.

But it’s cool. The plot of the story is the police start using humanoid robots for law enforcement. They have shells that are impervious to bullets etc. But they can’t tolerate say an RPG or similar. So unit 22 is about to be sent to be crushed.

But the lead programmer on the robots – he creates an artificial intelligence and uploads it to the unit 22 robot.

The story is all about Unit 22 or Chappie learning about his world. In the process the robot figures out how to transfer consciousness from robot to PS4, to USB stick, and finally human to robot.

Enjoyable two hours.

Movies: The Lazarus Effect

So I noticed the movie “The Lazarus Effect” was recommended on Amazon. So I rented it.

It’s basically a modern twist on the Frankenstein story – except they reanimate first a dog, then a human. And once they bring the human back, oh boy. Everybody dies. Except of course the demon, and of course one of the dead, her former boyfriend that she killed, she brings him back. So two damned demons.

I sort of love movies like that. Part of it has to do with the fact that we’re coming damnably close to being able to bring people back from the dead and extending human life.

It’s just in this particular movie it had the religious gobbledygook. The character who becomes evil incarnate is Zoe. Shed’s a good Catholic girl don’t you know. And before her reanimation she keeps having these nightmares about a burning hallway and people trapped behind a door, their charred hands reaching under the door.

She draws the videographer into this scene – and there’s a little girl, Zoe as a child. When the videographer first gets drawn into the nightmare she notices little Zoe has something in her hand. The second time – she finds out what the girl has – a book of matches. Zoe set the fire. That’s why she kept having the nightmares.

And what person is the one to die during an experiment but Zoe, the Catholic girl that has a lot for which to atone. Hence hell, demon spawn, etc.

Fun movie – even if it is flash cuts from light to dark all the time. Seems Demon Zoe likes to do her dirt in semi or complete darkness.

So watch it if you must. But keep in mind the major themes of reanimation and religious idiocy.

Movies: Selma

So last night I watched the movie “Selma”. Of course I watched it online. Yes, it was a reviewer copy of the movie.

The movie begins with a group of black children in a church coming down a set of stairs and then a horrifying boom happens and bits and pieces flying everywhere. This was the Birmingham Church bombing. I cannot believe how horrible and despicable the then white minority and yes they were the minority – not the black people in Alabama were. But the white folks had a lock on the political and law enforcement sphere and used it to repress and abuse the black community.

The movie focuses on the march from Selma, AL to Montgomery, AL  but also focuses on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. President Johnson and the then racist prick of a governor of Alabama, George Wallace.

And you have images in the movie of white cops murdering black people. Just outright cold blooded murder. And the vote suppression was something fierce. Toward the beginning of the movie a black woman goes to register to vote in what I believe was Selma. She slides the application forward and says “It’s all right this time.” to which the clerk replies “I’ll say when it’s all right.” The clerk then asks the woman to recite the preamble to the Constitution. Then to say how many county ¬†judges there are in Alabama. So the woman answers “67” and then the clerk says “Name them.” while the next scene shows the clerk using a big old DENIED stamp on her application.

Now let’s move forward – officemate and I had a discussion about policing. He lays blame for the murder of a number of black men by police recently to some degree on the victims of police for not respecting authority of the cops. I explained that until cops stop racist policies, it’s never going to change and that no respect for authority is due to police. I told him to go look up the Milgram experiment and the Zimbardo Prison experiment on Youtube.

But it goes further than that. Even today we see voter suppression with Voter ID laws. They just don’t want black and Latino people to vote. That’s what it is, nothing more. It doesn’t eliminate fraud in elections, it doesn’t make elections more secure – it simply represses the vote.

And Governor Wallace, that smug son of a bitch got his comeuppance – an attempted assassination left him crippled for the rest of his life. Ha!

And of course President Johnson signed the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Which by the way Republicans were hell bent on repealing recently.

So when you hear white politicians talk about Voter ID, and how there’s no need for federal oversight of elections in the deep south anymore – you’re listening to a racist prick talk. That’s what it is, all code word for racial bigotry.

Movies:: Netflix: Christopher and His Kind

So last night a recommendation popped up on Netflix, Christopher and His Kind. Now I’ve watched another movie about Chris and Don and it was cute and all.

But this movie took place in Berlin in the early 1930’s. First I must say Isherwood’s sexual romps in Berlin, and we only saw a small part of it must have been incredible. I’m going to have to out and get the book now. And I have to say the guy who played Caspar was pretty hot.

But the thing that struck me, there’s one scene in there which must have happened in Berlin prior to the atrocities committed by the Nazi’s in greater Germany. In one scene jackbooted thugs are marching through the streets with torches held high. And then I thought – sort of what our military must look like when it marches into a country. Then there were the scenes with Juden painted across shop windows. Now that wasn’t very smart since they were the commercial underpinning of the economy.

But the book burning – there was a strand of anti-intellectualism in Nazi Germany at the time. And I know that quite a few scientists high tailed it out of Germany in the early 30’s so in essence Germany suffered a brain drain which meant they’d never conquer the atom, plus the expenditure on feeding, housing and equipping an Army gets pretty expensive over time. Just look at the U.S. – we spend a nominal half a trillion dollars every year on military expenditure. There’s a reason many of the founding fathers of the United States feared a standing army.

But all in all a fairly interesting movie, enough so it makes me want to buy the book.

Movies: Django Unchained

As is always the case for a Tarantino movie it starts off interesting and then the blood shed starts. It’s underlying theme is a story of bonds, both those of love and those of brotherhood and respect.

But the amount of blood and general opening of a can of whoop ass is spectacular. There’s the next to last scene before Django blows up the Candieland mansion. The part where he’s on the stairs with the two black women and says to them “Tell Miss Laura Goodbye” And the women look at him puzzled and he repeats himself and they say “Goodbye Miss Laura”. And then DJango blows a bitch away. Too funny.

And the funny part is, at the beginning where Dr. Shultz and Django meet Mr. Candie I said “They’re all gonna die. Every last one of them.” I was so right.